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  1. JackDoe

    I've really screwed up.

    Thank you for your comments and thoughts...
  2. JackDoe

    I've really screwed up.

    Well, I appreciate the guidance...I do,...but nobody has actually answered the question I asked. Putting me aside,...forget it was me that asked and I will rephrase.. Hypothetically; A couple are married and sealed in the temple. Everyone makes mistakes, but he makes a very bad mistake. He either chooses not to repent or simply has no time to repent so, in the end, they are both in the afterlife, he without ever starting the repentance process. Obviously, he cannot make it to the Celestial Kingdom as God cannot accept him into His presence. So, now the question, will his "eternal mate" who, hypothetically lived a "Celestial" worthy life be alllowed to find another worthy Celestial mate?
  3. I have made some extremely bad mistakes and am sure that I will not make it to the Celestial Kingdom...the fact is, it is too late for me to fix this so I ask this... ...will my wife have the opportunity to be with someone who deserves her in the afterlife? We were sealed but it's obvious we will not be together...