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  1. For some time, I was inactive. During that time I met a woman and had two handsome boys with her. I guess it wasn't meant to work out. After a little more than eight years she and I broke up. She went back to her church (non-denominational Christian) and I came back to church. We lost track of each other (long story). After a couple years, I finally found her and we spoke for quite a long time. She had been in several relationships that were strewn with drama. The thing that amazes me is the fact that she kept her faith alive through mental and physical abuse. We spoke on the phone of many things. There was kid stuff that remained undone. Catching up. Then the subject of religion was broached. She asked me where I was going to church (as I mentioned church in general statements). I told her that I was back in full fellowship with the LDS Church. She said, "I thought you were a Christian." I rebutted with, "I am." She continued her statement, "...I thought you left the Mormon Church." I said that I was always a "Mormon". With that you could almost hear the groan. I, sadly, didn't know what to say. I wasn't a RM as I never went on a mission. I wasn't as well versed. I'm not trying to convert her. If she comes around herself...great. I want there to be a lack of tension as I gain visitation over the summers. I don't want to have her brainwash my boys (9 and almost 12). I would like to get them involved in Scouting and whatever Church functions that happen over the summer without too much contention. I want to plant seeds here. Not force. Is there any advice of where I can look or what I can say to her to keep things light (and possibly plant seeds)? Thank you in advance for your help in this. I know that your help will be a blessing to both my family as well as to you.
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    My name is Eric. I know that my name in here says that I'm in the Hudson ward in Florida, but since I started that profile I have moved and married in the Copper Basin ward in Santan Valley, AZ. I'm going back to finish up college in the summer. So you may see me on here at odd times.