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  1. Have you ever tried Teamine Eye Complex by Revision? I used to get it through my dermatologist for $60, but Amazon.com does sell it for a little bit less. :) I've had good results with it, wouldn't say amazing, but I did actually notice a bit of a difference, and the dark circles under my eyes are due to poor genetics.
  2. I am being released this Sunday from my primary calling to be called as the beehive advisor in my ward. My question is, what does that calling entail, generally? The counselor from the bishopric who met with me last night didn't say very much, so I'm not sure what to expect. Also, not having gone through personal progress, and technically having a calling in YWs, am I able to do my own personal progress at this time, or must I be a member of the presidency to do so? Oh, one more thing! I also have NO idea how YWs works for the second and third hours of church. What is the format of the class times? I know in primary, I taught my class, then took them to sharing time. How does YWs work in that regard? Do all of the girls to go to class together for one hour and then separate for the other (based on whether they're beehives, mia maids, or laurels)? What is done during each class period? Any information anyone has would be great! Another question -- on 5th Sunday, do advisors still need to attend 3rd hour in YWs, or do they go to the combined 3rd hour with the other adults?
  3. Because I've read lots of positive reviews about this one recipe in particular, I wanted to see if there was any way to either substitute for, even omit, the coffee. Knowing that I can and it probably won't affect the taste all that much leaves me to believe that if I just use this recipe without the coffee, it should turn out fine anyway. :) While re-reading the recipe, it turns out it calls for brewed coffee, which leaves me to wonder, with it being a liquid, if it adds to the moisture of the cake? Would anyone know if I could add water, or even chocolate syrup? Meh, I suppose I'll just have to experiment.
  4. I am curious if anyone has ideas on what I could use as a substitute for ground coffee for in a cake recipe? I know the coffee enhances the taste of the chocolate and would like to know if anyone has had luck in finding something that achieves the same purpose, but is obviously not coffee. I've Googled this, but haven't had any luck, so I thought I'd ask here.
  5. I'm a convert and have never heard anything like this before until last evening. A friend of mine, who has always been a member, mentioned that unless you have 1 year's worth of food storage, you will not be asked to join the saints before the second coming. Instead of asking her in more detail, the whole concept just freaked me out a little bit as my husband and I just barely make ends meet each month, we're lucky if we have groceries, and food storage is just something that we haven't been able to start yet... Does anyone know what on earth she is talking about, if there is a source of some sort, and the validity behind the statement if it is in fact true?
  6. Typo, or possibly (now that I think about it) the girl was anti and just wanted everyone who loved that quote to feel bad about liking Emma and Joseph so much.
  7. Today on the Joseph Smith Facebook page (I don't believe it's affiliated with the Church's official page, just FYI), there was a quote that I loved and thought I'd share (and then kind of create some sort of discussion as I've got a question about a comment that followed the quote). "I feel very anxious to see you all once more in this world. The time seems long that I am deprived of your society, but the Lord being my helper, I will not be much longer. ... My dear Emma, my heart is entwined around you and those little ones. I want you to remember me. Tell all the children that I love them and will come home as soon as I can. Yours in the bonds of love, your husband." -- "Chapter 20: A Heart Full of Love and Faith: The Prophet's Letters to His Family," Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith, (2007) As I read that last bit, it just reminded me that despite having such a great calling in the Church being the prophet and all, that Joseph was a human like anyone else and still found the time to fall in love with his wife, loving her like he loved nobody else. ...But then some girl left a comment that I don't understand as I don't know much about Church history. "if Emma had just not made him feel guilty for leaving the Rockies, what a different church it would be." What did she mean by that? When were they in the Rockies, what were they doing there (had they planned on settling there?), how would the Church have been different, how did Emma make Joseph feel "guilty," as the commentator stated? Sorry if some of the answers to the above questions are common knowledge, but as a convert, my in depth history of the Church is totally lacking considering there are so many things happening every day in the Church in this day and age that I like to keep up with instead. I'm just surprised because the comment that Joseph makes doesn't seem like he felt guilty at all for anything.
  8. Ah yes, I was confusing the two of them then. I have not read D&C 119 in its entirey but will be doing so to gain further insight on the topics. To be honest, I had no idea what the United Order was until you all mentioned it, which now sheds some light on things! Thank you for the clarification all!
  9. I was just curious, not knowing where to look for this information exactly, if anyone knows if the Law of Consecration has ever been practiced since Joseph Smith restored the gospel? I was also wondering if the Law of Consecration is something that be practiced and then stopped and then started again if need be? I understand the basics, but those were just 2 things I wasn't too sure of!
  10. Family size: 2 adults, 1 child under 1 -We live in an apartment complex, we get free water (also free garbage removal, free laundry on site as well) -Electric, on average per month: $20-$30 -- we rarely turn our lights on during the day and just leave the blinds open, so this helps us save a few bucks in our situation -Gas, on average per month: $20-$30 -- we also don't crank up our heat (it's set at about 68 degrees), if it's not a total necessity to be turning it on, we don't and just use blankets; oh, and our A/C is broken and nobody has come to fix it yet, so we haven't been able to use it -- that always helps save a buck or two Our apartment is also only 800 square feet, so it doesn't necessarily take too much to get it lit, warm, or cooled off. :)
  11. That was probably my thread -- I had written asking more about nightgowns that were a little bit on the cuter side (something silky, perhaps, that I could wear to bed and still covered the garments). Or at least that was what I had been trying to get at. Probably didn't come out that way though!
  12. Well, now I feel like I'm going nuts, for every single apartment application that I've looked at (both here in Rexburg and in a few cities in Wisconsin near where my husband's family and my own reside) have all asked for account numbers for checking/savings accounts. Hm, hm, hm. I mean, like I stated earlier, never had a problem doing so in the past 2 years we've been here, but you just never know. Thanks for all the answers everyone!
  13. My guess is that as long as she's looking at a *young* single adults (YSA) ward, that she'd be okay to attend one. The age range in YSA wards in generally 18 (graduated from high school) to 30 ... or is it 31 (I can't remember, we even had a guy in my old YSA ward who finally was sent to a family ward at 32)? Like staytrue2faith mentioned, you can find a YSA ward (or heck, any other ward) on LDS.org or Mormon.org. Here is a link to the location map. Though I did my homework and it looks like there is only an Ann Arbor 2nd ward specifically in Ann Arbor, which is a family ward. The nearest YSA ward? Hill Street YSA ward (in Ypsilanti -- not sure how near/far that is in regards to Ann Arbor, but it is in the Ann Arbor Michigan stake).
  14. In our current complex (we've been here for almost 2 years), they asked for account numbers, but I check our bank account frequently and no money has ever been drawn. We still give them checks to pay our rent from, so I was just wondering. And actually, the complex we are looking into moving into is all the way back in Wisconsin (so no longer one of the places here in Rexburg where we currently are). JudoMinga probably has it right. I Googled this subject and couldn't find much, but someone did also mention the 3x rent as well.
  15. I'm curious to know why apartment applications ask for your checking/savings account numbers? Is it to simply verify that you do have a bank account, or do they actually go and see just how much $$$ is in each of those accounts? Is it for some other reason? I never thought about it when we applied to live in the apartments we're currently living in, but as we're possibly making a move across the country and looking at applications, I just had the question pop into my mind!