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  1. In Family Search there is the 'share with temple' option when you want to get an ancestor's work done. After selecting that, how long should it take before any work is done. I have some I've shared with the temple over a year ago. Do I need to worry about re-sharing or contacting them yet?
  2. I know we all have a right to our opinions. I find PAF the simplist, both simplist to use and also in appearance. RM is much more 'busy-looking' than PAF. I do most of my FH from home but do go to the FHC at times because of the consultants there, so if I need help with something I will go there. I also use ancestry.com but in addition to, not instead of PAF at home.
  3. No matter how anyone explains it to me, I just don't get what it is. Does anyone here have a simple explanation they can give me?
  4. I tried to use the search to find this but kept getting page not available. So sorry. I know myself or someone has probably asked this before. I don't know why I keep getting the 'not available' every time I tried to use the search. I have PAF and love it. I do need something I can do to take it to the Family History Center and can't get PAF onto a flash-drive. RM has a tendency to look busy. I don't know much about Ancestral Quest or Legacy or others. If anyone has any experiences with any they would like to share, please do so. With my PAF on my desktop I have tried open PAF and then back up to drive E. But when I get to the FHC, it isn't on the flash drive.
  5. The Bible dictionary has some interesting things on it. It isn't inspired scripture. It is sometimes called Canticles (Latin) or Song of Songs (Hebrew) and may not have been written by Solomon. That being said, what exactly does it mean and how does it apply to today?
  6. What does the term 'it' refer to?
  7. What did it mean then in Biblical times? And now?
  8. How do I talk to to one person outside a thread? Thanks, Uhura
  9. Maybe they will let you break it into steps. I think the end result would still be that you have to go underwater but talk to your bishop about that. Even if your baptism is not as soon as you would have liked, Heavenly Father will know that you are working toward when you can have it. Will they let you see the baptism font? Let you go in it dry and then do the physical part of showing you how you would go under? I don't think they will but it is worth asking them to fill it partway to show you what it is like and then later or the day off baptism fill it all the way. Choose the person who will be baptizing you and the witness (if they let you choose them) to be ones who know your fear and will be reassuring and supportive. Same with who comes to your baptism. Make sure the bishop knows that you don't want him to announce your baptism and have it so everyone can be invited. Some do that. Works for their ward and if someone doesn't want the ward going they can work it out with the bishop. Choose who you think will support you. You will be ok and can do this. Oh and I never saw you as anti-ordinance, just afraid of one ordinance.
  10. First choice I am hoping you will give me: LDS authors and what genre Second choice and third choice: authors with clean language, again why type of book and authors that are religious-for example the setting takes place in a Catholic home, or has Christian characters, or things like that. Most important-language is clean. Thanks for the ideas. I hope you will continue to give me more.
  11. I am having a hard time when I want to read something clean and would love a list of books with clean language. If possible, can we start one, saying what genre they use? The ones I listed are my favorite type. Anita Stansfield's books contain a underlying of romantic things but many of the characters have emotional problems, attempted suicide, overcome drug problems, etc. I would like LDS authors or Religious authors with clean language and show up in their writings. Detective/mystery/romantic combined: Betsy Brannen Green Cheri J. Crane Gregg Luke Anita Stansfield-favorite author of mine. Terri Blackstock (not LDS but religious and language is clean) Clair Poulson Michele Ashman Bell Jennie Hansen Lynn Gardner Chris Heimerdinger (spelling?)
  12. What does it mean when it says kings shall be their 'nursing fathers' and queens their 'nursing mothers'? And when it says that they (gentiles?) "shall know that I am the Lord;for they shall not be ashamed that wait for me." is that meaning obeying and enduring? Is it saying that the end results are worth it? Thanks to anyone who answers.
  13. I'm not a fan of snakes but you seem to be enjoying it. I don't mind them, just don't like touching them. Actually because they are on the medical symbol I respect them.
  14. Can't answer the why but I like how it was pointed out that Antient Greece had a different perspective. So was there one event or time that the snake/serpent changed to represent good the way it does on the medical symbol?