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  1. I'm not losing my religion if I said, that might loose plagues upon you.
  2. Merci beaucoup. Aimes-tu aussi le popcorn? Je préfèr le grand sac. D'ailleurs... le pop-corn sert à illustrer une chose importante en la physique - à la prochaine.
  3. On the other hand, how can you still proceed and become more perfect when you are in a nursing home, suffering from a stroke or dementia, when you are, let's say, 80 years old, unable to make decisions, to find the restroom, being dependent on other persons, subordinated to a legal responsible person, sentenced to vegetate.
  4. Maybe. On the other hand it's a question of dignity and the freedom of self-determination.
  5. There's been a great issue here about euthanasia. But it's still strictly forbidden, and no physician in Germany is allowed to help someone dying in an active way (i.e. by giving him a lethal drug). It's illegal and it would be to be seen as a criminal offence. In the Netherlands it is allowed. An ethic commission decides on the individual case then.
  6. I've just been inspired by a short discussion in an introducing thread between PolarVortex and me to open this thread facing the question of the legitimacy of a conscious suicide. It was authentic some years ago. The person was standing here on the Köhlbrand Bridge, and officers tried to talk to him and hold him back. One tried to reach him, but then he was holding himself only with one hand and scared everyone to let lose. They were trying to do everything to avoid him to jump.Then, suddenly, he let lose and fell down. The harbour police with a boat were under the bridge and could get him out of the water, and his body was brought to land instantly to an emergency ambulance waiting there. It was on the news next morning that had died. It was said he'd been some kind of lovesick and depressing. What about if you were in a situation when things don't make any sense to you? What about if you were old, becoming weak and insufficient, and there wouldn't be any hope to recover? You're maybe alone, weak,, and you're scared of maybe dying in a way you would say no - no one should find me one day in a way I wouldn't wish to be found - when I am dead. Wouldn't it be better, if God granted you the power, of making an end by yourself at the right moment? This is not the question of how to bring yourself to death, but of having the capability to bring yourself to death, in a conscious way, and at the moment you still can choose.
  7. The devil has told you, the devil has told you!
  8. And not the only good one by Manfred Mann's Earth Band.
  9. And polar bears will die out soon, too, because of the climate change! And you can't stop it! Ätsch! ...And this was the hijacking of an introducing thread. Entschuldigung, Herr Rob...!
  10. Or I'll jump from the Köhlbrand Bridge, for what it's worth. And you can't stop me, you can't stop me! Ätsch!
  11. Okay - then I will jump from the Niagara Falls, instead. Thanks that you've given that hink to psychic wreck. And you'll be hold responsible because you've made me psychic impelled to jump from the falls instead from the Golden Gate in 2017, because I didn't want to realize my suizide before that time, anyway. Maybe. But a true rendevous with the Spirit is more worth than a meeting with a former missionary.
  12. Yeah - I won't disagree... but what means "fwiw"... please let me know, or I will jump from the Golden Gate Bridge, and you will be responsible for that. Thanks, Jimmi is glad to see that your husband-loving-about-the-progress-of-someone-that-he-introduced-the-Gospel-to-no-matter-how-many-years-it's-been would love to hear about the progress of someone that he introduced the Gospel to no matter how many years it's been and there's nothing wrong with expressing gratitude to the person/s as well as God. Jiiiiihaaa! Got the popcorn jackpot! There's nothing wrong with gratitude! What I mean, is, that we never should be appreciated and grateful for a bag of popcorn as long as we didn't know if it's really containing good popcorn and if it will really taste. Modesty and humility, not gratitude in the way we are gratifying ourselves.
  13. Manfred Mann's Earth Band, about 1980.
  14. Missourian unmarried: what's so important about the missionaries - they once were on their service and lead you to the Gospel. They did their job as missionaries, and why should you thank them years later? Thank God, the Allmighty, and maybe make a blessing for those taff young men who once have brought you to that status of knowledge you've achieved now. Not the person is important, but he doctrine, the truth, the everlasting Gospel. Leave those former missionaries go, accept that they have finished their duty, accept that your only relation to God is important, nothing else. Don't give thanks to men, because they've been acting as a medium in the name of Jesus, the Christ, and make a step back into yourself to find out they've been giving you simply the truth, and you've to work it out by yourself, in a very personal way, in YOUR very personal way to that supernatural being, the Allmighty, the Great Spirit, the Father in Heaven. Yea. Raping a thread...