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  1. TalkativeIntrovert12345

    Is Vort Clark Kent?

    Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! That made my day!!!! But, seriously, Does Vort = Clark Kent??
  2. TalkativeIntrovert12345

    Hi there. I'm new to :)

    Hello everyone! I am an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (otherwise known as "Mormons"). I'm a teenager. I live in America. I have read a few of the forums on this site and I really enjoyed what I read, so I decided to get my own account. Thus TalkativeIntrovert123 was born. If you haven't noticed already, I enjoy decorating my posts with emojis. I look forward to posting in the forums on!! In the meantime, please enjoy this emoji of a hyper smiley face bouncing on a trampoline:
  3. TalkativeIntrovert12345

    My name is Maddy

    Ha ha ha hahahaha!!!