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    Mutual Ideas!

    Tonight we are having a water slide:). But some things that we have done in the past: Swimming, Pie eating contest on PI day (Lots of fun... but of course the activity was on the actually PI day and you had to answer a question about math and every time you got one right you had to eat a piece of pie), Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Skits, Family Feud (With Gospel questions), Fear Factor, service projects (Usually clean the church inside and out but we have also cleaned up a members house after a tree fell down in there yard after a big storm). Many many more. Last week we also made a video that we are going to have playing at our Youth Conference.
  2. Oh hey Tanner! Nice to meet ya!! Where do you want to go on your mission too?
  3. Lizzy- Good Luck!!!:) You're gonna be so young at your University ward!! lol I felt so young going to YSA last week... I can't imagion;P.
  4. Well good for you!!! Kinda Jealous!! anyway my parents wont let me go to BYU Idaho this fall because I'm only 17 but turning 18 in September!! You are so lucky:D
  5. Hey Dustin!! Strawberry Swing is one of my favorite songs:).
  6. Nice to meet:). You graduated early.... good for you:D. I do not play any instruments sadly, I want to try to learn guitar sometime in the future though, and I love love LOVE to sing.
  7. Hey I'm Sarah:) I'm 17 years old and am from Missouri USA. I am graduated and will be going to the local community college this fall but will hopefully be going to BYUI in 2012!!!:) I like all types of music, my favorite is Indie though, even though I haven't been listening to it really anymore and my favorite band isn't Indie I adore the style haha. I also enjoy a lot of Pop, Hip-hop, and Rock, but I just LOVE music in general, always have the buds in:D.
  8. ses0927

    Hey everyone:) New here.

    Thanks guys:) And Vort that was so.... funny xD
  9. Hey all!! My name is Sarah. I live in Missouri. I am 17 year's old and I am the oldest Young Woman in my Ward, though it doesn't look like it considering I'm only 5'1 and my face looks like I'm about 13. I am currently serving as the Young Woman Learel president in my Ward but my best friend will be taking it over soon (Will admit that I've been in the calling WAY longer then usual). I will be a freshman in college starting this fall but I will be staying in Missouri. I plan on going to BYUI starting my Sophomore year. I have a brother who is currently serving a Mission in the Washington Seattle mission. My brother comes back this August!!! YAY!!!:) I have the best friends from the church and I would never trade them. I'm also going to EFY on the 4'th of July:D I cannot wait it's my 3'rd year. Welp there's just a little about me. There ya go:p.