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  1. Yay! New Zealand is loved. Where are you from?
  2. Hi, I'm from New Zealand. My name is Kera and I'm 17, finishing off my last year of school. I love music and art, Lomography, and Tumblr. I had an account previously on here but I ditched it because I didn't like my username, also haven't been on here for at least 6 months... Would be nice to get to know you all! :)
  3. Welcome! I'm Mormon myself, but I find athiests to have rather interesting views of things. Somehow all my closest friends are athiest. Will be nice to have you here. :)
  4. Hi Angela and welcome! I'll be your friend. :)
  5. Hi and welcome! Weh, jealous of all you cool UK cool kids. Exciting, hope you enjoy/enjoyed your first time at church! :)
  6. Hi and welcome! I'm kinda still new too. :) Hope you feel at home here!
  7. Hey, and welcome! I'm still kind of new here myself. :) Hope you feel welcome here! Haha that's cool, I'm also in Lincoln Ward, in New Zealand. :)
  8. Hi Michael! Ah that's so cool, you live in England! Congratulations on your baptism! :) I was baptised this year in May 22nd. Hope you feel welcome here!
  9. Simply show her that you love her, perhaps send emails more often than calls - just to let her know how your life is going. She can't argue when you're sending an email. It will most likely make her feel a little better that things are going well for you though she is missing you and wants you at home. Send her mail in the post too.. maybe attach some photos, I'm sure all mothers would appreciate that. I know my grandmother is far more tolerable through email - whenever we're on the phone it always ends horribly, so I email her instead.. As hard as it is, I agree with everyone here, try not to feel guilty. It's your turn to find your place and I'm sure your mother knows that, she's just having a hard time letting go?
  10. Haha nice. Ooh, footy (soccer) is the best game ever.
  11. Hey go you! I've decided I probably will want to go to BYU as well, so I've decided I will being taking my last year of school - compulsory for New Zealand apparently. I'll certainly make the most of it though! :) Favourite sports?
  12. I have a delicious recipe for crepes (thin pancake). It creates the perfect mix for a thin, but not fatty crepe. I also serve scrambled eggs, bacon, and fried bananas with cinnamon with it. 120g flour (125g = 1cup) 2 eggs 60mL water 60mL milk tbsp oil (this is to prevent sticking, still do it even if you use a non-stick pan) pinch of salt I've got to a point where I don't really measure how much liquid I put in, once you get used to the texture and thickness of the mixture, you'll be able to do that too. The first crepe will generally be pretty stuffed up, most people I know agree with me. Make sure the pan is very hot before you start, then turn it down to a lower heat. :) Enjoy!
  13. I've started Institute, I was invited by a friend in our ward to come and I loved it. I've only just become a member this year (being 16), so I had already missed out on two years of Seminary.. I can't actually go to Seminary because I have to catch the bus rather early.. meaning I'd be missing out on most of it. I got permission to go to Institute, so I can start a full year next year. :) It's way fun!
  14. Welcome. :) I'm new too. I wasn't raised in the Gospel either, I just recently got baptised haha. Good on you man! :)