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Found 5 results

  1. Maybe someone can help me figure out what this video is... I remember it from when I was in seminary about 15 years ago. I'm guessing it was during Doctrine and Covenants. I remember it showed Joseph Smith as a teen walking out of the grove, or in a field, and he was walking with his hands running through tall blades of grass, and then it flashed forward to show what the church had grown into... youth at temple square, youth meeting President Hinckley. I think Joseph may have just been kicked out of that preacher's wagon after Joseph told him about the first vision. Does anyone know what I'm talking about or where I can find it? I've never been able to figure it out. Thanks!
  2. Has anyone here worked for CES as an institute/seminary instructor? There's the Church website, but that doesn't give a whole lot of information? Anyone have any links? Thanks, Katherine
  3. Hey there! I'm Marie. As the title suggests, I have NEVER attended seminary. Long story short, my family was inactive for awhile due to complicated family matters, and failed to take the initiative to enroll me or inform me about seminary while I was in high school. Now, the obstacles preventing my family from attending church have lifted, and we've been back on track and studying the scriptures like we should. However, I would like to gain a higher education in the gospel. I'm about to turn 18 and start college in the fall, and I have no idea where I should be going to do so. I understand that Institute is where students my age SHOULD be, but without the basic fundamentals of the scriptures gained in Seminary, I feel that it would be more beneficial to my gospel understanding to attend Seminary and work my way up. Hmm.. What I am wondering, however, is, will I be allowed to attend Seminary although I am not a high school student? Or must I take seminary first before I go on to Institute? Or would it be better to skip Seminary and go straight to Institute despite my void of Seminary education and just work hard/self-study to catch up? This a very complicated matter, and I've asked several church authorities (except my Bishop, he's out on vacation till August), and I can't seem to find any answers. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  4. So I came across this article earlier this evening. Then I joined this site. Then I saw this section. So I had to talk about it. ARTICLE Basically for those who do not wish to read the thought/argument is put forth: 1)Research shows that most teenagers receive less then the suggested eight hours of sleep per night. 2) Research suggests sleep deprivation is linked with academic performance 3) Seminary could be having depreciative effects on those attendees. What does everyone think about it? Agree disagree? Why. I'll wait before I weigh in on this one. Yay first post! - - - - - - - - - - Lynden Jensen Check out my blog at: Know♣Justice
  5. Hi I'm new here. I'm living in the Michiana area now near the boarder of Indiana and Michigan. In 1999 I sold everything I owned so I could move to Orem where I went to Orem Insitute of Religion all day long every day for a year. I received my ecclisiastical endorsement from the LDS church to enter the Army as a Chaplain. The concept of an LDS chaplain is not well known in the LDS church but they do exist. A chaplains job is to minister to all persons in the unit, military, hospital, jail, police station or where every they may be. So regardless of the peoples faith we must minister to them where they are at. I was slated to go into the Army as a chaplain and had the endoresment form the church but I ended up getting a divorce and full custody of my children. So with the responsiblity of raising my children alone I moved near family back in the Michiana area. I wrote a book about the experience called Confessions of a Mormon Minister: Professionally Qualified as Clergy and Endorsed for the Military Chaplaincy by the LDS Church It is now on Amazon at Confessions of a Mormon Minister: Professionally Qualified as Clergy and Endorsed for the Military Chaplaincy by the LDS Church (9781448627684): George Blake: Books I miss being in the Orem Institute of Religion all day every day. It was the most spiritual place I have ever been (other than the temple). My personal web page is George Blake | Niles, Michigan | Author, Writer, Director, Consultant Thanks George