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  1. First off: I'm currently talking to missionaries about converting, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease stop bugging me about my status or what ever on this site -___- Anyway... I've heard stories from friends about getting married because they were contacted via mail (letters) by girls from their home stake. Let me clarify: supposedly, a girl gets information on a current missionary (out of the area) and writes him a letter. Again, I've heard of this numerous times. My question: Does the stake or ward offer mailing info on current missionaries from your area? I've seen posters in the stake building with all of the current missionaries. But do they offer information? I asked my sister who is almost a member and she got pretty defensive, not sure why. But she is a strong feminist, so she may have thought I'd use it for contacting girls that are on their missions? Which I would be? But what's wrong with that? Isn't that the point? Stated in the second paragraph? I feel dumb asking my bishop because for all I know it doesn't exist or is used for only families or something... I hope I made myself clear... Thanks...
  2. apricots

    YSA + Dating?

    I've stated my position multiple times. So you're basically getting upset about that stupid setting that lists my religion, just because they don't have something for my particular position. So I take it that that's just too much to handle for the people here. Thanks anyway...
  3. apricots

    YSA + Dating?

    ...Did I not just say I was technically an "inactive" member? What difference does it make in the context anyway? Who cares if I haven't been baptized, I'm asking about other things that concern all participants. And I'm as "active" in our activities and services, if not more, than any other "member" there.
  4. apricots

    YSA + Dating?

    I did, several times........ I'm not really a member right now, but I plan on joining as soon as I become engaged. If that's just too complicated for you guys to understand I can stop participating here...
  5. I was just wondering... I went to PQ and they always wanted us to ask out girls and were really hyped about that. But since I've joined YSA nobody has really gone on a date except for one of my friends but that was a secret that even I wasn't supposed to know about. Is this even allowed? Because I know at this stage they want people to be seriously looking to get married, or seriously looking into it. So I guess it would make sense if they didn't really want them to be doing that since they have a bunch of work they need to be focusing on. I just was curious... Because if I happen to see someone I'd like to get to know better I want to know if it's against the rules to ask her out or something. Kinda dumb though...
  6. Was there a "not quite a member but will get there soon" option? If there is I'll switch it...
  7. My parents aren't super open about me doing my own thing until I'm out of the house. And I don't plan on doing that until I get married. But I'm loving learning about the church and going to all the activities and classes.
  8. Thanks for the feedback, I see what you mean :) By the way, as soon as I'm engaged I'm going to convert. There's no way in heck I'm not getting sealed to my eternal wife and family.
  9. apricots

    Need help finding part in scriptures...

    Thank you guys. It is Moroni. Was he the son of Mormon or am I totally messing it up? Also, is that all of Moroni's story? Or does the dedication part start somewhere?
  10. apricots

    War in Heaven

    I was asked this question at institute the other day. I replied "The war in heaven is exactly like the war on Earth. In fact, the war on Earth is simply a battle of the war in heaven" May sound a little convoluted, but I do not believe that physical violence was very effective when you're talking about beings who receive no pain, and do not waste. The war was also not God Vs. Satan battling it out through reading books and yelling at one another like in a court room. The war was/is us (being the Mormons) teaching and spreading the gospel to others who are otherwise uneducated about it. Our missionaries are our soldiers. The casualties are the convertees (either way you go). And the church is our motherland. We are not worriers, we are not battlers, we are saviors, or "saints". The Latter-Day Saints. And that's my stupid 18 year old outlook on that matter.
  11. There's a part in the Book of Mormon (I think...) where it talks about that one guy who walked across North America blessing and dedicating different parts of it? Anybody know what I'm talking about? Where is it?
  12. I'm not a "member", but I've been attending YSA lately. I've met some really awesome people. And I'm really grateful for all of them. That said, I have not gone on a date with any of the girls. Why? Well there are a few reasons here and there but the main one is that I haven't seen anyone I really like. Except for this one girl... Not sure if she's my soul mate or anything but I'd like to hang out at least. My mother actually knew her as a child when we'd go to activities, they were best friends but it's been years since they talked. The thing is, this girl is REALLY committed to the church, which I have very high regards for. Although, that means she's planning on going on a mission. She's only 18 or 19 but she's pretty set to go on one. When I'm around her she always seems like, well idk how to explain it but she "firms up" emotionally? Mentally? She doesn't speak, and doesn't make eye contact with me, and being in my position I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to talk to her because she'll be leaving soon? What do you think? She I just talk to her and see what she says even if she's uncomfortable? Or should I just let it go?
  13. Exactly. And yeah I get that a lot from my priest quorum leader, he's kind of stunned I've shown up for every single meeting, event, clean up, and service project for three years straight. Where as most of the active kids just try to go to the fun stuff. But I get a LOT of satisfaction from being the best I can and helping as many people as possible.
  14. apricots

    Do you think I should go on a mission?

    Thanks for the input guys, it's always a help.
  15. THANK YOU, you're the only ones that have mentioned to me that that was wrong. It was starting to get pretty difficult there for a second...