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  1. @FunkyTown: It takes a truly great mind to come up with a retort like that. I remember something like that from my elementary school days. You're dumb. No you're dumber. No you're dumber than I am. etc. etc. The idea here is to be an adult and have an adult conversation. I know it raises the hair on the back of folk's necks to be told something they sincerely believe is a lie they have been taught all their lives. Do you think I get some kind of fiendish elation out of telling people they are on the wrong path according to the Holy Bible? But I do know what God has laid on my heart and I am very sincere in passing my love for God and the truth as I clearly read, study, and understand it along to all others.
  2. @Snow: Sorry, I'm not a 'clumsy troll' as you so nicely call me. And I am dead serious in caring for your spiritual well being dispite the fact you are obviously steeped in the lies you have been taught. Rather than look at something and research it as the Bible directs, you clearly take the low road and spout only what you are told to believe. God does not want ignorant robots. He wants those who are committed to Him and seek the true path He has given us in His Holy Word. And BTW, I do quite well at understanding the words I use. Nice cut from someone who is supposed to be so highly moral...apparently only until your thin skin gets scratched. My questions are sincere and not meant as an attack. I genuinely care. And my proof text, which is never accepted by most LDS members is: "But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed." Galatians 1:8, 9
  3. @Jenamarie, Satan can mimic many things God does except save you. He will do anything he can to turn you from worshiping the true God.
  4. Not flawed at all. The first lie Satan told to Eve was she would become like God is she ate the forbidden fruit. He has been deluding people throughout history. Weak Christians who fall into cults, Muslims, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Hindus, Buddhists, all other false, panthistic religions. He will do anything he can to lead people away from the true God. What easier way than to subtly twist the truth to make you think you are really a Christian worshiping God when you are worshiping a fairy tale. It would be easier for him to do that than to lure you into a totally insane line of thinking. Think of whom you are dealing with. Satan is ultimately evil and his single purpose is to cause people to fall away from the true God of the Bible, the creator and sustainer of the universe and His son, Jesus Christ ONLY through whom do we receive forgiveness of our sins and the free gift of salvation. No rules, no working out our salvation, just worshiping God through Christ and loving others.
  5. According to the Holy Bible your faith in Jesus Christ is misplaced into a figment of Joseph Smith’s and his followers imaginations. The name of God and Jesus Christ have been plagiarized and attached to imaginary characters. There is nothing at all in the Bible that indicates spirit children being procreated in heaven and sent to Earth ignorant of their spiritual existence to become good Mormons while living the right way on earth. This is a duplication of Hindu beliefs in reincarnation. Were it not for Mormon documentation only, you would have no knowledge of those doctrines. Lucifer used Joseph Smith and his followers to delude the minds and spirits of truly good people. He uses his tricks, such as a ‘burning in the bosom’ to make you believe his lies. He does after all have power over the earth.
  6. This is really two questions in one thread, but I feel they belong together. Could you maintain your faith in Mormon doctrines using only the Holy Bible? Also, what exactly in the Holy Bible is considered to be incorrectly translated?
  7. @cew03, I'm sure if I put a wiki page up about myself it would be giggled into oblivion pretty quickly. I was woncering where you got your answers to questions since there are so many out and out differences between what the Bible teaches and what the LDS Church founder, church leaders, teachers, apologist writings, and doctrines say?
  8. Can LDS members read non-Mormon or anti-Mormon literarure as they are searching for answers to their spiritual questions? Or are you constrained to read only LDS litereature disregarding all else as I understand it is while you are on you LDS missions.
  9. @Volgadon. As perhaps the first resident in a 'celestial' Garden of Eden filled with holy fire and all sort of beautiful stones until he grew arrogant and souoht to make himself equal or above God and was cast out of heaven?
  10. I believe it is a dual pronouncement. One part pointed at the Prince of Tyre as an evil, arrogant human being and one part directed at the evil behind him, Lucifer or Satan.
  11. Why does the first part of the scripture refer to a man and the second part refers to someone who had been in Eden and walked in the fires of the mountain of God..among other things. Obviously the King or Prince of an earthly kingdom could do no such thing.
  12. Thanks to everyone for your sincere answers to my previous questions. This one is where the scholars get to put on their thinking caps. In Ezekiel 28 1-19 who are the Prince and King of Tyre prophecied about?
  13. Sorry,I'm a bit new to the forum as well. That smiley face was supposed to be a real smiley and not one with a shocked look.
  14. Not a Mormon or a woman, but welcome aboard. )