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    Good morning, I tried three times to sign up for LDS Net because I had a pressing question. I botched each time. A friend set up a new email account for me and signed me up. I wish the admin would clear [email protected] so I could sign up under my regular email. things have not gone well for me and i was inactive for years and am now in a new ward. I was invited to a disciplinary court. I finally went to a anti mormon site (no sign up required) to try and find out more about this. They said terrible things and said not to go to court but to resign, but of course I wanted to get things right and i went last Thurday oct 6th and was disfellowshiped . I did not know this would happen. Now i would like to know what happened. Is disfellowshipped bad? The bishop is paying for me to go to LDS Family services and I have an assignment to clean the stake center each saturday. It takes about 7 hours but I need structure and it keeps me busy on Saturday, which is normally a bad day for me. He is very good to me. When I went I was terribly nervous and embarrassed but I have gotten over it. Anyhow can someone explain what happened? Will others find this to be a major flaw in me? I cant take the sacrament for at least one year. thanks a million.