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  1. They had a movie marathon on my local cinema and showed the two first Alien movies in the same night. Before that i went and saw "the blue movie" and "the red movie" by the Polish director Krysztof Kieszlowski. Anyone seen them ?
  2. The Book of Eli! Denzel Washington! Even though it has violence and blood it is still a strong testimony of the importance of The Holy Bible! Link : The Book of Eli
  3. The Church was first only in America, Utah, but now it seems that it has become more and more a spanish/latin american thing? Lot of temples opening in latin america, the number of members is growing fast there ithink? And i see lots of mormon sites on the net in spanish. Stuff on youtube, and in Liahona/ensign there are many stories from/about memebers in these countries. etc. Why is this? Has the Church really focused on these countries a lot and that is now paying off? If so - why ?
  4. The Errand of Angels! About sister missionaries in Austria and their various struggles. A very good movie, good actors, very moving, and also i watched it without subtitles and tried to remember my school-german i learned 20 years ago, and it went surprisingly well!
  5. as a non-member i often thank when someone has explained something to me i asked about. It can also be becasue someone was brave and told something personal and moving. Or when something was just funny and/or well-said.