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  1. thank you for your responses. i'm actually really sensitive about this and i am trying to understand. so any further answers may i please respectfully ask that people avoid questioning my search or saying that i don't understand? i realize that this is a difficult topic and i am very sensitive about it. i apologize for this request if it is difficult. i am still confused about whether my grandmother & i will be together after this life. so she will still get the choice after she dies? why or why not? what if i get married civilly and i do not get married in the temple in this life... will i still get the choice after i die? why or why not?
  2. thank you so much for your response. i need help understanding how it would send the message that sinning is okay. i really understand the repentance process and i think it's great. Christ died for our sins so we come to Him with a softened heart. i feel like in the story of the adulterous woman, Christ did away with all other punishments and focused on the woman's softened heart and repentant spirit and forgave her. am i misreading this?
  3. i want to help others. but i am trying to understand whether we believe that salvation and celestial glory is dependent on others or we can choose ourself. we can, of course, choose to accept or reject the work someone has done for us. but what if no one does it? what if i had never been baptized? would i have to wait for someone to do it for me or would Heavenly Father let me make that choice on my own?
  4. i understand the service side of it. i have just always learned that if you don't do these ordinances then you cannot do them after you die. my grandmother has known of all of these ordinances and has never pursued them or refused to do them. does that mean that she cannot still do them after we die? if i don't do them after she dies and she wants to be baptized or sealed after she dies, will heavenly father hold her back because of me? will she have to wait on the living or will she be able to make her own choice? will we be able to live together if she hasn't done them? it would be impossible for her to do them now since she has alzheimers. but she had 70+ years of knowledge and still never converted or pursued anything. i don't want to think that it's all final.
  5. i am struggling with this because i feel like it might imply that Heavenly Father would hold someone back from celestial glory if those who were on Earth didn't perform ordinances for them. would God really do that?
  6. i have heard there are people called to do disciplinary hearings who decide whether you should be excommunicated. i struggle with this because Christ wants us to come closer to Him when we are lost. He will go out of His way to find us and embrace us when we repent and come to Him. when a group of people wanted to cast the adulterous woman out or stone her, He chastised them in a way and brought her close and forgave her, for He knew her heart. in John... "8:10 When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee? 8:11 She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more." additionally, are these people really that far gone that they cannot change or be worthy of the sacrament unless they choose to be rebaptized? what about disfellowship? can they really not be trusted to simply lead a class in prayer or hold a calling? they can't renew their baptismal convenants by taking the sacrament? don't we want people to be with Heavenly Father, even if they have sinned? that is when they should be even closer. that is when Jesus wants us to come to Him. any insight?