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  1. Thank you for all your candid responses! I think I'm starting to get a good idea of the differences people talk about. Don't worry, Utah-natives, I'm taking all the negative comments with a grain of salt. I think this seems like something I'd have to investigate in person, through a visit, but I definitely want to go in prepared and aware haha. I'm a cultural minority from LA County, so I guess the biggest thing I would have to get used to is the lack of diversity and probably sticking out of a mostly white population. But I guess we'll see :)
  2. Has anyone here NOT from Utah attended BYU? How did you like it? I keep hearing about the difference between "utah mormons" and other mormons. Can anyone give a good explanation of this? I am a recent convert who will be attending law school this fall. BYU is obviously a great option, but I'm wondering how adjusting to life in Provo would be, especially as a non-Utah convert.
  3. I was recently baptized (as in just a few weeks ago), but I feel I am already getting a strong calling to serve a mission. I'm not sure if it's just me and the excitement of converting and wanting to share my experience with others, but I'm going to pray about it. A couple questions.. I know I have to wait a year before being allowed to go on a mission. Does this mean I can't apply for a year, or can I apply earlier than that to receive my calling in a year? Also, I am 22. By the time I receive my hypothetical calling, I will be 23. Is there an upper age limit for girls to go on a mission? Or generally frowned upon? I know I have a lot to do and a while to think about it, but I want to be well informed as I pray about it :)
  4. So, I'm dragging up this old post to thank everyone that responded and helped me during this time in my life. I ended up investigating the church for a while, but eventually stopped. Fast forward 7 months, I received multiple signs and feelings that I should begin investigating again. I was just recently baptized and I have never been happier! It's all thanks to people like you all, who I met during both phases of my investigation who made me feel so comfortable to ask questions and develop my faith in Heavenly Father and this church. A big THANK YOU to all of you. You are amazing :)
  5. Roseslipper, it was a wonderful first experience! At first, it was a little awkward because it was obvious everyone knew each other/were good friends and I kind of faded into the background. But by the end of the first part, people realized there was someone new and made a sincere effort to welcome me and make me feel comfortable. After everything, I met and had a great conversation with someone about my interest in the church (he said he went on a mission, so I'm sure his experience with teaching the faith helped). Overall, I really loved the personal feel of the meeting as opposed to the really ritualistic, almost cold Catholic masses I'm used to. It definitely made me even more interested!
  6. thanks for all your helpful responses! After reading them, I've decided to attend a meeting this Sunday (I will probably go to my own church's mass since it's Easter as well, so it will be interesting to compare). I looked into the nearest MeetingHouse and it says (school) Student Ward. Does anybody have any experience with student wards? Do they have missionaries as well, as I imagine student wards would be smaller than regular ones? Thanks again for all the help!
  7. Hi, sorry if this question's been answered a million times but I'm new! So, I've recently been getting really interested in the LDS faith (I've been Catholic my whole life, non-practicing for some years). I'm in a transitional phase in my life where I want to stop living selfishly and find God again, but I've never been very happy with Catholicism. I recently met someone who introduced me to your values and they align exactly with how I aspire to live. Now, I'm interested in learning if the LDS Church is right for me. I'm a young college student in a big city and I have no idea how to go about doing this. I have an always changing schedule and I live in an apartment, so I don't know how requesting a missionary visit would work. What is the best way for me to go about this? There's a meetinghouse literally one block over from me and I was thinking of dropping by...but I have no idea what I would say/who to talk to! Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated! Thanks