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  1. i Was Informed If They are Not.Temple Divorced Before The Birth That He Will Automatically Be Sealed To Them and We Will Not Be able To SealHim to Me WheN We Get Sealed.
  2. Becausee She Will not Have Her Temple.Divorce before The Baby Comes
  3. Hello, I am a new member to the Church, joined in Sept of last year when I married a mormon. I really love the my wife and the church but I am really lost we are about to expect our first child in July very happy time. Yet the other day I was informed by my bishop that because my wife was married in the temple before with her ex husband and they have not gotten a temple divorce yet that when my child is born he will not be able to be sealed to me because they are still sealed. Since finding out that information we have started the process but everyone keeps telling me that it wont happen before the baby comes so when we get sealed I will not be able to be sealed to my child. I am very unhappy with this. It is unacceptable to me regardless of how everyone says it will be worked out in heaven I am worried about here and now. This is a huge deal for me I honestly don't know what to do. Is there anyone I can talk to to speed this process up or anything at all. Because I am not even remotely ok with my son being sealed to her ex because of some stupid paperwork. Since this new has been brought to my attention I have lost sleep and my testimony has been really really strained. My wife does not understand because she grew up in the church and the child will still be sealed to her. So I do not know who else to turn too.