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  1. Marie23

    Tons of bad decisions

    I had a friend who I adored. She wasn't Mormon because of her I made a lot of bad decisions. I smoked an e cig like 8 times I was felt up three time and I kissed a girl twice as a dare not an any lesbian ish way! Please help me I know I have to talk to the bishop but I don't want to be sent to juvie for smoking I don't do it anymore I wasn't addicted I only did it to seem cool to the girl. I'm in the repentance process I've been praying I just I have no support from anyone because no one knows my ward is VERY judgy I don't know what to do
  2. Marie23

    Necking and Petting

    Okay thank you so so much for your help
  3. Marie23

    Necking and Petting

    Thank you! I will set up a meeting next sunday, but will i need to get a new recommend? Also do i need to tell my parents about this? i know they will be extremely disappointed in me if they found out i had a boyfriend and that he touched me inappropriately
  4. Marie23

    Necking and Petting

    I am a 14 year old girl, unfortunately i have had a boyfriend. I let him touch my breast ONCE and he also kissed my neck. That was about a month ago and i broke it off with him and completely forgot about it. I got a temple recommend today and i said that i kept the law of chastity and I had no idea what necking and petting were, but then i looked it up after and it said necking and petting aren't allowed and stuff. I am feeling terrible. What should i do? I have prayed several times but i feel like i am missing something