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  1. I am a convert. I have been thru a temple recommend interview only one time. When I did I simply answered yes or no to the questions. Then when I was asked for my testimony I gave simple I believe statements like when young kids go up front on fast/testimony Sundays and give their testimony. I'm very quiet and don't say much. I'm also not good with words. Am I suppose to say more than yes or no during the questions? How long is my testimony suppose to be? I know what a testimony is but I don't know how much to include especially during a temple recommend interview. When I think of testimony I think of saying a short sentence about what I know to be true about God, Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost, Joseph Smith, TSM, the other general authority, church of JC of LDS, BOM, the gospel and....I don't know what else. Is that too much or too little?
  2. I converted to the Church of JC of LDS last year. I don't know how to pray. I understand the meaning and purpose of of prayer. I pray in private, but I won't give a prayer in public when asked. I want to give an opening or closing prayer during a gospel doctrine class, or during a relief society meeting or when I visit teach. I am afraid because I feel that I am new/know little, I am not good with words, I think way too much about people staring at me/judging me. I know that I can do it. I know that I can be guided by the Spirit. Can someone give me advice? Can someone tell me a pattern or something to include/not include? For example when I pray at home I start with the phrase dear Heavenly Father. I thank Him for specific blessings. Then I repent. I then ask for specific blessings for others and then ask for blessings for myself. I then end with the phrase " in jesus name......". I use simple language with no thou's or anything like that. I stop, wait, try to listen and feel for prompting, responses, and etc. Sometimes I just talk like a conversation. In an opening public prayer I assume I thank Him for something like the beautiful day, or the beautiful testimonies given by people during the sacrament meeting earlier in the day or ? Then I ask for something like the Spirit be with us during the meeting or ? Then I end the prayer? I guess a closing prayer I would thank for the opportunity to meet or for the wonderful something that happened during the meeting? Then end with asking for protection as we part and go out into the world? Or? I don't know what I exactly want here. Any suggestions?
  3. Thanks for all those that answered. I have one more question. After watching a baptism last week I am slightly concerned the jumpsuit is see thru. Since I am female do I need to wear like a solid white Hanes tshirt under the jumpsuit or just my regular undergarments?
  4. Hi all. My name is Jennifer. I'm from Vegas. I'm not a member but I will be hopefully sometime this year.