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  1. Stealing is kind of a weird philosophical concept with respect to theology and God. Under the utopia of Zion we are all supposed to have all things in common. Like a family, and the idea of Property Rights is the sin. Even though, the kids might snatch the Teddybear from each other, in the end, they all get the chance to snuggle with it. But in our fallen world of "Mine Mine Mine", if we steal either out of need or want, since we don't share with each other, we are depriving each other. And even though the Savior stresses the need to share, I wonder why not sharing didn't make the 10 commandments, and at a place of prominence greater than stealing.
  2. Of the seven sins of Cain, the invention of taxes is the one that the Jews hate him for most. You would think it would be for killing Abel, or lying to God, but no. For inventing taxes, they call him a Thief and a Robber, and any other dirty dog name they can think of.