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  1. I am a convert of 5 years. I have tried for 4 years to get a temple recommend. The bishop at the time when I joined the church was going to give me my recommend at the one year mark. Then just as we setup the meeting he was released. The new bishop has said another 6 months for that last 4 years, each time giving a different reason or no reason at all. I have done everything the bishop has asked, and still he refuses to give me one. He told me that it would be on him at judgement, if he let me go not feeling I am ready to understand the sacredness of the temple. This I find odd because if I go to the temple not ready, thats on me. I feel that is between me and Heavenly Father. I can honestly ansewer yes to everyone of the temple recommend questions. I serve diligantly in my calling, attend church regularly, and pay my tithing, teach the gosple in my home, ect. I have felt so torn about this. I have prayed, fasted, and studied the scriptures looking for answers. I want to be sealed to my wife and children. This is the goal I have set and seam to not be able to achive. I feel like I'm hitting my head on a brick wall. My wife said to drive to the temple to go to the grounds just to feel the spirit of the temple. I was prompted to pray many times to pray while at the temple. The feeling was overwhelming that, that was the place I needed to be. So I am trying to do what he said, but feel in that time I will be refused again. Any suggestions? Thank You.