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    marketandchurch got a reaction from Blackmarch in Christian political isolationism -- it's a bad idea...but why?   
    Not to mention that perhaps as much as half of evangelicals are not even registered to vote. But in any case, if any of these things are true, I think it only shows my fellow Evangelicals in a more perverted light then I'd wish to see my side as, that they'd rather allow the antithetical choice who disagrees with them 100% of the time to win, then vote for the person who agrees with them 80%-90% of the time, because they can't bring themselves to vote for an impure person who isn't as principled and as close to Godliness as they'd like them to be.
    We know what the Left does when they get into power, and we know how much America has changed in the mirror image of their values, and how that change is accelerated whenever they gain power over an institution that has a lot of influence over society. It is ungodly to not vote for the person who is only 60% conservative, or even 30% conservative, allowing the person who is 0% conservative to win. Maybe it emminates from a feeling that we're only here in this lifetime to struggle with God, and therefore purity and piety takes priority over everything, including only voting for the pure and pious political choice. But as a covenantal society, we should take a cue from the first one, who was named Israel, and they were named Israel for they not only struggled with God, but also with man as well. And the struggle with man will be dirty, and we won't always come out of it looking saintly.
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    marketandchurch got a reaction from Jane_Doe in Non-LDS: Why do you pray?   
    I was raised Methodist, though my Mom comes from a catholic background.
    There are things that come out in private prayer... that I don't even share with those closest to me. I think prayer sort of lets you draw out those things you'd be uncomfortable telling anyone else, and in being open with yourself, a lot of weight that often accompanies denial or avoidance of something that may bother you is lifted from your shoulders. So it's certainly therapeutic in that sense. Also, often in prayer, you're thanking something higher then yourself, so it certainly helps in character development, in instilling a sense of gratitude, and frankly, the human being needs that. It makes for a better, humble person.
    So I think anything that's done in religion, is largely for the benefit of the individual doing it. It isn't here for God's sake. I don't think God needs your acknowledgement, or your anything for that matter. Prayer makes you a better person, just as worship during church service makes you a better, and tithing makes you a better person.