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    struggling wearing my garments

    I just want to tell you that I really understand what you are saying and completely sympathize with you. Garments are terribly uncomfortable. I too was told, "you'll get used to it" and here I am 5 years later after wasting money on every experimental size and fabric possible only to be perpetually uncomfortable day and night. They fit wrong and chafe in all the worst most sensitive areas and they have caused multiple skin infections from all of the fabric bunching and holding heat where it shouldn't. They are not compatible with bras, pads or the shape of a woman. I have a hard time believing that heavely father wants so many women to struggle and suffer in these terribly designed garments, unless mortification is the goal. Until reading other posts here, I'd had yet to find a woman who has felt comfortable or happy in her garments. I wish there was a solution. I can only hope for some serious changes and improvements in the future. Don't feel alone.
  2. FL2015

    struggling wearing my garments

    Great example! I'm sure your husband understands the legitimate reason for your removing your ring and that the intentions of your heart haven't changed just like Heavenly Father knows our struggles and intentions for simply wanting comfortable underwear. There are many times I need to remove them for days while health issues resolve. Many of the health issues being caused by the poor design of garments I might add.