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    Joseph Smith translation of bible

    How would anyone know where Joseph Smith was when he made these translations? The author of the article I linked to actually examined the original translations. He did not mention these contained any geographic references. It means something to me. I think it is important. That is why i asked the question. I think it is an obvious question to know what Joseph Smith did not translate. The author of the article I linked to would know since he examined the originals. I think leaving out what parts were not translated is a strange omission for that author. I would try to contact him but he would be dead by now. The reason i think this question is important is not just the changes Joseph Smith made. What is important is the text he inspected and did not revise. I know the process for translating the bible was different than the translation done for the Book of Mormon. I accept for myself the JST is correct including the text he did not revise even though the church does not accept JST officially. I wish i knew what text was inspected and not revised. It is obvious this question is not important to church scholars. I am the only one that thinks that is important
  2. I have a number of questions: Question #1: What is the correct title of Joseph Smith translation of bible or the correct way to refer to it. I was “told” the “Inspired version” is not correct title. Question #2: I have always been told Joseph Smith did not translate some parts of the bible. Where is it officially written on LDS.org what parts of the bible were not translated by Joseph Smith. I want a reference that has some official authority to it and not a well-intentioned opinion. I have found a number of informative articles about Joseph Smith translation on LDS.org. None that I read answers this. I did not find this in the reference section of the bible published by our church. Perhaps the answer is easy to find and I am not good at searching. Question #3: D&C 91:1–6 says it is not needful to translate the Apocrypha. In one of the articles on LDS.org about the Joseph Smith translation the article mentioned Joseph Smith translated the Apocrypha. What does this mean? The article says Joseph Smith did translate the Apocrypha. Question #4: If Joseph Smith did translate the Apocrypha, is it available with easy access online anywhere? Thank you in advance for your kind efforts in answering my questions.
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    Im new

    Thank you all for your warm greetings.
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    Im new

    I just signed up. Not good at keyboard, grammar, etc. So not good at forum communications but I will try. I would like to post some questions on Sundays. Can’t really get away to post or read any other day. I am obviously born almost one and a half to two centuries after Joseph Smith but I have had a feeling all my life I really, really miss him. I wish Joseph Smith was here.