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  1. Havent posted anything in a little while now. Oh well. I think thats a good sign, right? :) Hope everyones having a great end of summer.



  2. Happy to be alive today :)

    Not doing much right now but hey, thats okay.

    "Treasure this day, and treasure yourself; truely, neither will ever happen again." -Ray Bradbury

  3. @pam ,

    I love your comments on topics! You are super awesome!

    Also I heard yoy created this site (idk if that is true) but if you did thanks, its been a lot of help to me! If not, thanks for helping make this site what it is!

    Love always,



    I love the emogis on here!

    1. pam


      I didn't actually create it. The company I work for did.  But I have been with the site since the very beginning in 2003.

    2. pam


      And thank you for the lovely compliment.  You are too sweet.  I'm glad you have come to join us. :)

    3. RooTheMormon


      Of course ;)

      Im glad to be here!


  4. Status Update: Gonna go read some articles on in a bit! ;)

  5. Status Update: Being bored! :) Anybody have some good scripture stories? Comment me the chapter(s) and verse(s) and Ill go read them.