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  1. Is it possible to change my username from RooTheMormon to something else that I prefer? Any advice would be great!
  2. Hi! I am the only mormon in my fam, so a lot of things I have to discover about the church I discover by myself or from church. Vut I feel like garementsgarments isnt really a topic anyone talks about in church. I know what they are. I know when you can get them. I know their purpose. My wuestion is is do you have to wear garments? Like when I grow up do I have to wear them 24/7? (With the exception of swimming and such). Not that Im not okay with that I am just curious So heres my question more easily stated: Do all faithful LDS members wear garments, or do they choose? Any I know you can do whatever you want I mean is it okay with the church. Like coffee I could drink it but I am told not to and it is bad if I do. Is it like that if with garments?
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    Random Poll

    This topic has been deleted by the author.
  4. Hi guys its RooTheMormon. I was just coming on to kinda seek advice and maybe just updare in a way? You may have noticed I havent been very active lately. This is due to some issues I have been having with the site. Whenever I try to post to a topic, my browser will completely collaspe onto the home screen of my phone. But that doesnt happen when I am starting a topic. Confusing right? I am able to post to a topic though if I hurry really fast before it closes, which is really frustrating, especially considering I usually have a lot to say! I have already contacted @pam so I can hopefully get things figured out and back on track. Weird thing is it only recently started, the site never gave me any issues before. Has anyone else had this struggle? Anyways thats all. Ps. @anatess2 It wouldnt let me reply to you on the garments post. Just fyi I am a female.
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    What Happened to RooTheMormon??

    My phone is working fine, and the browser is self updatng. Im bot sure what is going on.
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    Modest Clothing Is SO Hard to Find!!

    Thanks! Ill look into it.
  7. Hey! Just curious if anyone knows any good places to shop for modest clothing for juniors and older girls. (Preferably on the cheaper side) I am looking for shirts, shorts, skirts, and dresses (for church and for casual wear). It is becoming harder and harder to find modest clothes, even in Utah! Any suggestions?
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    Modest Clothing Is SO Hard to Find!!

    Or not @Backroads
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    Sharing is Caring Tag!!!!

    I would have responded sooner but its not working very well. Thanks @seashmore and @anatess2 for the tag
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    Sharing is Caring Tag!!!!

    Im late! I like the song Nearer My God to Thee Thanks for the tag!
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    Noticing Acts of Service Tag

    Everyday in our lives we see acts of service. Some acts of service go unseen, and some make a big impact on someones day, or even their lives. I thought it would be fun to start a tag where you recognize an act of service, however you'd like. Maybe share a story, or just say I saw so and so do something great today... If the service was done for you, maybe write how it impacted you. It can be recent, or old. Everytime you post something, tag someone to share theirs on this thread. I'd like to tag a bunch of random people to start this! : @NeuroTypical @Sunday21 @MormonGator @sarah_22 @DoctorLemon @pam Dont forget to tag a bunch and like this so we can spread it! Galatians 5:13 "You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free, but do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love." "May we show our love and appreciation for the Savior's atoning sacrifice through our simple, compassionate acts of service." -Elder M. Russel Ballard
  12. Happy Pioneer Day everyone! Its over...
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    LDS culture problem

    I was actually told by my bishop that prayers have nothing to do with closing your eyes. The only things we really need to do when praying is ·Bow our heads (out of respect) ·Open with Dear Heavenly Father ·Close with In the name of Jesus Christ Amen. He told us youth that the closing your eyes is so little kids can concentrate better, and the folding of arms is so they arent fiddling during prayer. As long as you are being disrespectful, it is totally OK not to close your eyes.
  14. Havent posted anything in a little while now. Oh well. I think thats a good sign, right? :) Hope everyones having a great end of summer.



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    Happy Pioneer Day!! (Not anymore)

    @seashmore How fun!
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    Modest Clothing Is SO Hard to Find!!

    Thanks! I like floral patterns mostly. I have a very girly sense of style but I dont like to wear clothes that look childish. Mostly just anything with flowers on it haha.
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    Noticing Acts of Service Tag

    SO MANY ACTS OF SERVICE, AND ONLY A TEENY, tiny PERCENT! LEARNING TO APPRECIATE THE ACTS OF KINDNESS AROUND US HELPS US TO SHOW KINDNESS TOWARD OTHERS. AS WE STRIVE TO BE LIKE JESUS, WE MUST BE KIND AND SERVE ONE ANOTHER!! Showing others acts of service can not only help someone else, but it is the best form of self help!! It shows you that YOU can make a difference, and NO act of service is small. "Love one another as Jesus loves you. Try to show kindness in all that you do. Be gentle and loving in deed and in thought, For these are the things Jesus taught… Im trying to love my neighbor; I'm learning to serve my friends…" I thought that this song that every primary student is taught, perfectly states why we need to do acts of service. As we try to be like Jesus, we follow His example. Jesus was kind to EVERYONE, and always but others before himself. He died for us!! We must show that love toward everyone that He showed for us. Thank you all for sharing your stories! They are all so beautiful, and I see the love of Heavenly Father and Jesus reflected in every single one of them. Thanks again!
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    Modest Clothing Is SO Hard to Find!!

    @anatess2 , I dont prefer name brands. Honestly as long as they are cute, and fit, Im good. Im just having a hard time finding especially modest church clothes.
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    Modest Clothing Is SO Hard to Find!!

    Just yesterday my friend suggested downeast to me. We have one where I live. Ill have to check it out.
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    Modest Clothing Is SO Hard to Find!!

    Thanks everyone! And @Backroads , you'd be surprised what kids are wearing these days! Its actually very difficult to find mormon modest, and still stylish clothing.
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    Clean YA Romances?

    This is my 2nd post here of the day. Sorry, not trying to spam. I love YA romances. I find them charming and sweet. But it is SO hard to find clean romances nowadays! I found an author named Janette Rallison, who writes clean comedy/romances because she herself is LDS. Ive read all of her books now. Any recommendations for clean comedy/romance/YA?
  22. A couple weeks ago, I was hanging out with the YW in my ward. One girl is not a member of the church, but of course, we always welcome her to come to YW's with us. One of the girls had (accidentally, although it could have been easily prevented) damaged church property. She showed us where it was and was asking us for advice on what to do. Me, being the sarcastic person I am, told her that she had lost most of her brownie points in heaven. We all got a good laugh out of that, until the non-lds girl spoke up, telling me that she had no place in God's kingdom. It took me a moment to register what she had just said. I have always felt apart of God's kingdom, so I wasnt sure what to say to her. I reasurred her by teeling her not to be silly- of course you have a place in God's kingdom! Our Heavenly Father loves all his children, and that means you too. But as time passes, I ponder on how I can help to make her feel apart of God's kingdom. Do I help teach her about mormon doctrine? Do I pray for her? Do I teach her how to pray? Do I share my testimony with her? Neither of us can attend church due to our parents, so how can I help her?
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    Noticing Acts of Service Tag

    True true. Well I see acts of service everyday so its hard to choose just one. My parents do acts of service everyday to raise me and my family, and they make so many sacrafices for us! Anyways, one specific act of service that really stood out to me is this: This year at girl's camp a girl who was new to neighborhood was invited to come to camp. She isnt a member of the church and neither is her family. Anyways when we got to camp she was having a really hard time being away from her family, and she felt that she didnt fit in amongst the other LDS girls. One of our wilees (an awesome, funny, kind, and all around great one) took her in under her wing and even invited to let her stay in yhe wilee tent with her. The rest of camp the girl had great time! I just see these simple acts of service that can really affect someone. I know that Heavenly Father wants us to show our love to him by showing love to others. Thanks for tagging me @TheCraCraMormon I think I've tagged quite the amount of people, no? Here, instead of tagging people I'll challenge everyone who has already shared an act of service to share another!
  24. I have this friend. I first met her at Girl's Camp when I was new to a ward. Last year, we all (us beehives) started middle school. I didntdidn't see this friend for a very long time. Then we started hanging out again. At first she seemed very nice but I soon found that she had changed by huge amounts in the past couple months. She is always talking bad about people, cursing, and saying inapinappropriate things. It makes me very uncomfortable. I know this girl is influencing me in a bad way. I am afraid she is going to judge me, so I want to stay on her good side. I gossip about people with her, but I always feel bad about what i say. She got into an argument with another girl at camp, and now she always calls her ugly, and a bad word. Even when we are at church she curses. None of the girls in my beehive group respect Heavenly Father, and none of them act LDS at all. One girl destroyed church property. I wouldnt be friends she'll with this girl, but im so scared of how she'll judge me. Any advice?
  25. I am seriously considering going vegetarian, or maybe even vegan. Why? Well first off I love animals, and I hate their lives. Birth, grow in a pen with crap for food and no love, die, get eaten. I have chickens and I love them literally to death. In the case of me starving, I would find something else to eat. So latey ive been considering this, but also for other reasons: a vegan lifestyle is actually very healthy if you get the protein you need, and it has been shown to have so many amazing benefits. And I know your thinking im only young and not to worry, but its extremely important to me. I am also a dancer, so a slimmer body is preferred. But I was worried that it would be bad in terms of the word of wisdom, and also that God gave us these animals to eat. I just think maybe theres a rule about this that I havent heard about?