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  1. I am an agnostic guy (don't believe in religions but still seeking for the truth) and I wasn't Christians before so I don't really know a lot about Christians or Mormons. Few weeks ago, I started to meet missionaries and go to church with them. I really liked to go to the church it was an amazing experience I felt like I was born again I can't forget my first day and I still keep going to the church. There is a sister who I have a crush on her. I liked her because she has a big faith in god and always wants to help me to know more about the god. I wish if I was like her. This why I want to be close to her so maybe she will be the reason of converting me to Mormonism... who knows? But the problem is that I can't tell her that if I like her or not she still has 9 months and to be honest I can't wait all that time. Even if I have to wait what if she is not interesting on me after all that waiting? It's impossible to stop thinking about if she likes me or not for 9 months . It's fine if she told me she is not interesting on me now, but not after 9 months. I will spend all these months just thinking like "does that mean she likes me?" and ask google what I have to do. I don't know what should I do I really need your help. thank you