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  1. My husbands ex owes us child support. And I know she has a valid temple recommend. Is this something that my husband should bring up to our bishop? ( she’s in a different ward) I feel like this is the only thing that may register to her that what she is doing is wrong.
  2. Update. We received the letter that the cancellation was granted prior to the sealing! Yay.
  3. I have been assigned 4 inactives as my ministering assignment. I am new to this and have no idea how to reach out to these obvious non active members. Please help.
  4. I have been assigned 4 inactives as my ministering assignment. I am new to this and have no idea how to reach out to these obvious non active members. Please help.
  5. @Jane_Doe yes thank you! I was just curious. My husband got his clearance to her for our sealing. But wasn’t sure how that worked on her part.
  6. Thank you! that was my understanding also
  7. I have a question, My husband's ex requested a sealing cancelation and is due to get married on March 20. Is her cancelation granted prior to the sealing or upon the new sealing? Meaning if they dont get sealed, is she still canceled or would it revert back to her previous sealing to my husband?
  8. But if they chose to be divorced why would we want to seal them? That’s my hang up. They clearly didn’t want to be together.
  9. I’m new to temple work. What do you do when a couple has been divorced? Do you still seal them? I have relatives that have been divorced and I wouldn’t feel right performing this ordinance for them. So what is the norm? Or your opinion?
  10. Yesss!!! @Budget this is so true and I’m glad you get it!!
  11. @AnddenexI see your point although going on a date and pledging eternity to someone are totally different to me. I guess I just take the same way as an engagement ring or a wedding dress. You wouldn’t duplicate those. But again I think I’m reading into it but I know myself enough to know it would bother me as silly as it is.
  12. Well @Scott I think you win! I’d have to agree when there is a lot of loving going on than the rest generally falls in to place
  13. Sorry this post got off track. My marriage is happy and healthy, I was just wanting to ask about Temple clothing. Thank you all that answered my questions. My husband is so sweet and I know he’d do anything for me so I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t being unfair to him. I appreciate all your thoughts!
  14. @anatess2 we will just have to agree to disagree. Thank you for your thoughts
  15. I agree forgiveness is a huge part. But in my opinion forgiveness is useless if neither of you are communicating. you have to be talking through the situations that could cause the need for forgiveness. Forgiveness is useless if there is no trust and trust is build on communicating.
  16. @Traveler thank you. We’re definitely not perfect and It’s not always easy but we made a decision coming from two failed marriage to always communicate about everything. Even if its hard or uncomfortable we know that the key to a successful marriage is communicating. Especially if we find that something is weighing on us after prayer. If we’ve taken it to Heavenly Father and we still feel like our feelings need to be voiced we do and the other listens and we work it out together.
  17. Thank you @Traveler I prayed over this issue prior to going to my husband. And like I said my husband was very receptive of my wants. I appreciate your advice and your views. I’m not sure what forgiveness I need to accept (sorry if I’m interpreting things wrong) as I am not mad about my husband’s previous marriage or him keeping these items. I just simply want our day to be about us. And more me those items detract from that. I love my husband and with that comes his past present and future.
  18. Also he word garments was what came to mind and I realized my mistake. I’m sorry.
  19. I suppose to does seem strange to someone who has grown up in the church and has only been sealed once. I think it takes on a new meaning because the ceremonial clothing is what he actually wore during his sealing to his first wife. I wouldn’t wear my first wedding dress to this sealing. And again I am a convert so I look at things differently I suppose. I agree renting sounds reasonable as I don’t think he should get rid of them and he can certainly wear them again if he chooses. I jsut prefer not on our sealing day.
  20. To be care it never occurred to him until I mentioned it. He fully understands and agrees. I just wanted to get someone else’s opinion to make sure I wasn’t crossing a line or stepping on my husband’s toes to appease my feels.
  21. Temple garments..or temple clothes (hat, apron, etc). Not his regular garments.
  22. My husband and I will be sealed in the temple soon. My first sealing his second. He has temple garments already but it doesn’t feel right to me that he wear these at our sealing since he wore them at his first. Kind of like a bride wearing the same gown. These are the same temple garments he was endowed in so I explained that I don’t mind him keeping them but I would prefer he buy new to be sealed to me. My husband agreed. Am I reading to much into this? Am I wrong?
  23. I totally agree no one should do it because it’s the next step! I guess as a convert everything is new and exciting to me. And would have gotten endowed the next day if I could have! I want to wrap myself in all things gospel related. And I can’t wait to get my garments! I love seeing my husband in his and knowing what they stand for.