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  1. 4 minutes ago, Mores said:

    Further understanding will come with time, exposure, activity, study, and prayer.

    You also get a chance to hear the missionaries bear their testimonies to you.  If you listen with your heart, a pure testimony will always uplift you.

    So since we can’t be baptized until after marriage which won’t be happening soon sadly,  talking with the missionaries wouldn’t be too helpful other than the social and testimony. But going to Sunday school and studying would be better for now? When we get married the missionaries would be more helpful to us in order to work towards our baptism?

    4 minutes ago, scottyg said:

    how long is "quite a while"? When you do get married, make sure you get baptized and join the church for the right reasons. 

    Probably a year or two before we get married. I’m joining the church because I believe Jesus is my savior and that this is his real church. We’ve talked to the bishop already and he said he’d set something up with the missionaries to visit us and have lessons. 

  2. My boyfriend grew up in the church but was never baptized. I grew up in a very sinful Antichristian household. I moved in with him and his family due to issue at home. Now we go to church on Sunday and I really enjoy it and feel the Holy Spirit there and want to become a member. My boyfriend says he’ll get baptized with me but we can’t be baptized until after we get married. I’m working on myself and becoming more Christ like (reprogramming myself from my childhood). Would it still be good for us to do lessons with the missionaries and go to Sunday school even though we won’t be able to be baptized member of the church for quite a while before we can get married.