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  1. @Vort and I am hoping for a solution that won't cost an arm and leg..but everyone here gave me some valuable food for thought hey..I have a list of issues myself and some of the advice will help me too.. I mean if i were emotionally well myself,I would've chosen a better spouse..I thinkšŸ¤”don't you think?
  2. @Vort right? I completely agree with that..I mean I am obviously here because I don't have the friends described above or I would be speaking to them..not that you guys arent totally cool,because you arešŸ˜‚but yes intimate friendship,like I said earlier I guess I just need someone to talk to.
  3. Jane_doe Thank you..all of you ,thank you. This is going to be a hard decision to make ,but I have to make it myself. I am glad I put this here..I have a lot of thinking to do..this all so new and strange to me,but I will figure it out I guess...I will find the DIY books and see what help I can get from them.
  4. Person0. It's not that easy. But thanks for your input.. I think Heavenly Father wants me to be happy and I want to be decision may like many have said on different topics "make it worse"? We have children together and I love him and I want it to work so what I was actually Hoping for was insight on how to make a difficult marriage work...I just need to hear other people's insight..I don't have many friends and those I have are superficialšŸ™„so I am just hoping to see what complete strangers think i should do.THERAPY OR "HELP" are the most popular so far,but like i said it's not cheap where I come from and my financial situation is in a state with us solely surviving on my sisters help while i look for work..sooo yea it's not that simple.
  5. Ok..I would be a horrible person to leave him and I would be miserable if i my options are very desirablešŸ˜” Thanks for trying,I obviously don't want to leave him,atleast that's not my first choice,My kids adore him..and I don't know how to be single anymore,we have been together for 10years.
  6. Marginoferror I completely agree with you,I know that your right about me and I am trying to figure out whats wrong with him,and what if he is mentally I'll?does depression really do that?long term?I mean has he ever been well?and if not how do I know it can be fixed?also we are both unemployed and none of us are on medical aid,and we live in a country were public health service only caters for 'real emergencies'. .even when we had jobs ,medical costs here are very I would appreciate any DIY remedies...and what if he is I'll?and do i leave? I don't know guys. I am mainly here because I need someone to talk to I guess.
  7. Just_A_guy I don't know how i feel..I am emotionally drained. I feel I have tried all there is to try. But i have a huge fear of first,being alone and falling into the devil's many traps trying to get someone to love me like i need to be loved ,second raising my kids in a broken family. I still don't know my father and once I started dating,I dated one person after another until I got married,I am afraid I am unlovable and that maybe I leave him and spend the rest of my life alone i am only 30..I know there has to be more than this..but I am scared and yes maybe I want to hear someone say they left and it solved all over their problems or maybe help me see the light to making it work if there is.
  8. Jane_done I cannot afford that among other expenses,we have spoken 2 the Bishop ,my parents,his parents a number of friends and still no progress.
  9. I have been married for 7 years but I am thinking of leaving and I have been for a while now.My story is long and I am not sure I can cover everything so I will try and cover my main reasons for wanting to leave..When I met my husband I was very naive I didn't think to as him about school or work until we were so close that we were talking marriage,he wasn't working but neither was I so I assumed its only because of a temporary reason,BEFORE he proposed he told me that he had very little formal schooling had no completed his high school studies as he struggled through school..I out of putty thought,maybe I can help him. We got married in the first years of our marriage progress was evident I paid for his drivers license he lost the money twice (long story)then got it on the 3rd try. I applied for work for him he worked but couldn't keep a job,he is either complaining about management or that the money is too little.after a while we started becoming distant and when we seeked help from friends and family he told them I nagg too I stopped and he went the past 4 years he has maybe worked for 8months or so in 2 -4months job changes..we have 2 children together and it is getting very stressful for me to raise them by myself..I resent him so much and I think he does me too..I am always complaining about the things I expect him to do as a husband and a father.he makes no financial contribution and No effort to keep our romance alive..we barely talk when I talk to him he seems irritable or distant,most days I feel like he doesn't love me at all,like I am means to an end because I can put a roof over his head and put food on the table for us..I have said this to him before and I think he resents me for expressing myself the way that I do.i try to be patient and kind but some days i am just plain mad and don't care that it hurts him because I am hurting too..since we have been together he has had multiplied secret 'friendships that I found out about but he says no sexual relationships took place..I am so lonely and depressed..In 2019 I have been unemployed and I have 2 kids to raise and family has done alot to help But this is adding to my frustration because I feel I'm going through this alone..I am tired of carrying the financial load ,and being emotionally drained all the time..we are broke and distant I am not even sure why I am in this relationship..I've tried to speak to him and plead with him to get help,I've tried paying for his school but he sleeps all day and fails his subjects,I just feel so sad most days I can't even get out of bed. I try to for my 4 and 2 year old boys ,but it gets really hard not only thinking about what I am going to feed my kids but also what he is going to eat I mean is This right?when am i going to be able to get the love and attention and finacial support that I need?I can't get myself to leave him,part of me feels sorry for him and another is afraid my kids will grow up fatherless like i did. I just need some advise from a neutral person..I don't know what to do.