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  1. Since I have Friday off, I'm hoping to have a game at 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM Eastern. Remember that if you're on time, you get a 2,500 point bonus. I'll try increasing the bonus. Further, the web site for the game is on-line.
  2. The next game of LDS Trivia and Puzzles will be at 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM Eastern. Remember that being on time will get a bonus of 1,000 points. At the beginning of the week, I got the game's web site up and running. The site gives a lot of information about how to get to the game, the rules of the game, and logs of game play. Please check it out. Please tell people that you think might be interested in the game.
  3. I have a day off, so I hope to have a game session tonight at 6 PM Eastern, 9 PM Pacific. Once again, it's on DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. I hope to see you all there. It's difficult to let people know about the next game if I don't post it. Further, people don't know that a game session happened on Sunday. It wasn't a full game, but a player was there for three rounds. Details about the game are on the Facebook group LDS Trivia and Puzzles and when I get the web site finished and posted.
  4. Okay, it's time to host a game of LDS Trivia and Puzzles Sunday night at the usual time of 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM Eastern. Once again, it's on DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. I hope to see many people there. I added a winning streak record. It starts at zero, and when players break it, bonus points are awarded, but MORE points are earned when broken at one time. More details will be on the web site once I get it finished.
  5. . . . I'm still working on the web site, and it's almost done. I keep reading it to make sure it looks good, and I keep thinking of stuff to add. Then I got to find a host. I'll post here when it's finished with a URL.
  6. . . . Doing this game helps me keep up with the gospel. When I script test, I actually play, and I've gotten questions wrong and even confused me on a few. I'm not sure it's a good thing if I can confuse myself with questions. . . . I want to remind everyone there are many ways to get onto an IRC network. I choose to use DALnet, because the script is written for that network, and the network created the features that other IRC networks use, especially registering nicknames. To get onto an IRC network, search for "IRC clients" on Google or your app store. If you need assistance, please ask here. I hope that other people with similar or the same problem can be helped at the same time. I've made some changes since the last game. Some were already implemented, and some were added this week. One, there is a jackpot that accumulates when questions are missed. I updated it to include missed opportunities to earn points. The jackpot is awarded randomly to players that answer questions correctly. The odds get better the longer the jackpot isn't claimed, and higher point value questions get more chances. I'm still thinking of other ways to add to the jackpot. Two, I now added a pause feature after a question is asked. Even when I was playing, I felt there just wasn't enough time to think of an answer for questions, especially when more than one correct is needed. It's even worse with really long questions. I added a formula to add a pause in three second increments based on the question's length in number of words. *Really* short questions will have no pause. Three, I added some stat tracking. Of course, the main point of the game is to answer trivia questions, and everything else, especially the puzzles, are bonus points. The script is now going to track the number of correct answers each player gets. It's also going to track the average point value of questions. This average takes into account two and three answer questions. Finally, it tracks the questions asked and the number of right answers. I decided not to track the amount of time, because I have to manually look for correct answers, and it could get messy, let alone inaccurate. Educated guess questions is a little different where the player gets right answer credit only if a right answer is given. However, it will count for winning streak purposes. I could probably go into more, but this post is long enough. Besides, I still need to get a web site up. I think this will be the ticket to getting more people to the games. Doing a 24 hour trivia game is not possible right now, and it defeats the purpose of having a human.
  7. . . . on DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. See you there.
  8. Okay, I forgot that tomorrow is Father's Day, so there won't be a game Sunday evening. However, there may be one on Monday night. I don't know if I'll be home in time for Monday night. I'll post something if there will be a game, but there may not be much warning. After Monday, my next day off is Thursday, so I hope to have a game then.
  9. . . . It will take place on DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. . . . If anyone is interested, let me know or just like this post. (Please only like if there's an intent to actually come play.)
  10. . . . Once again, the game takes place on DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. I hope to see you there. Remember, 1,000 points is awarded to anyone there on time. If I'm late, 1,000 points will be awarded to whoever's there when I arrive.
  11. I haven't had an LDS Trivia and Puzzles game for a while because of school. I have one final exam to take tonight, and I will be done with school until the end of September. I know not what my future in regards to jobs is, but I do know that I will continue to work on LDS Trivia. . . . The game will still take place on IRC through DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. I'm pondering some things. One, I'm not sure if I should add another category or two. Right now, I have Bible, Book of Mormon, Church History, New Testament, Old Testament, and Wild. Should I create more categories? Two, I'm going to add time to actually read the questions. I want to give players some time to think about the answer, but I don't want them to just start searching for the answer right away. I need to create a formula that adds time based on the question's length. One important aspect of the game is reading the question, and if players feel they don't have enough time, they may not read the question, and that would effect their answers. Another thing I want to do over the summer is add a website about the game. The site gives information about the game with instructions on how to get to it. I'll post more when it's actually done. Anyway, I hope to see you all there.
  12. . . . Remember that the game is on IRC on DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. Any questions? Please ask here. I hope to see you there.
  13. . . . As always, the game takes place over IRC on DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. Please ask questions here if there are any. . . .
  14. . . . I've done lots of testing on the script, and I think I got most of the bugs out. There's a jackpot that increases with each question not correctly answered. Answer questions correctly for a chance to win it. There's a bonus for getting three or more in a row correct. Possible bonus for breaking a winning streak. Letter guesses for the first person to correctly answer the question. Points for guessing letters and solving those puzzles. Possible bonuses for correct spelling. Bonus for showing up to the game on time. Database of questions now programmed to randomize questions. Bonus points given for all correct answers given on questions requiring two or three answers. Exact match on answers NOT required. Correct spelling NOT required. Bonus round for the high scorer when game ends. That's all the features I want to highlight here. I hope to see you then.
  15. . . . As always, the game is on IRC on DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. If there any questions on how to get there, please ask. There are IRC apps for Android and iPhones. (See this post for more info.)
  16. I, unfortunately, got sick today . . . Once again, LDS Trivia and Puzzles takes place over IRC on DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. Hope to see you there.
  17. . . . It's on DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. There's a reason why the game takes place at this time, give or take. Most trivia games on IRC are completely scripted and run 24 hours. The problem with them is that a correct requires an exact match. Some scripts accept other answers, but for the most part, an exact match is needed. I don't like that. I do like the correct spelling aspect. What's different from this game is that an actual human being is hosting the game. It's for lots of fun, and I get to study the gospel. I've learned a lot of things. Remembering them is a different story. In script testing, I get questions wrong, or I don't remember the answers. Yeah, I actually try to play. It helps with testing. The other reason is that I go to school, and that's the only time I have for this game. I want to get people after dinner--at least, on the west coast. I hope to get people on the east coast, but it may be considered rather late. Other countries? I don't know. The last game had a player in New Zealand. He just had to figure out when the game takes place in this time zone. I hope to get people to attend. The more the better. Please ask questions if you're confused on how to get there. I hope it will help other people that may have similar problems. The ideal way is to use an IRC client and connect directly to . Have fun.
  18. . . . Remember that it takes place on DALnet on channel #lds_trivia. Anyone who shows up on time will get a 1,000 point bonus.
  19. Well, I may not have had a game tonight, but I was able to do some more script testing. I probably haven't removed all the bugs, but I hope I got most of them--at least, to the point where it doesn't completely mess up the game. . . . Remember that it's on DALnet on channel #lds_trivia. . . .
  20. . . . It will take place on DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. Remember that 1,000 points will be issued to whomever shows up by then. . . . Please ask if you have any questions about how to get to the game. I cannot help people get to the game if I don't know what troubles people are having. . . .
  21. . . . It's a great Family Home Evening activity. Remember that the game is on IRC on DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. . . . . . .
  22. . . . It takes place on IRC on DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. As of right now, I have 2,081 questions written. Granted, there are duplicates where questions have different versions and difficulty, but it's a start. I'm nowhere close to finishing writing questions. Now, this is a great family activity. The unofficial rule is for individuals to play, but I do not have the capability to enforce this rule. I'm not even going to try. The good thing is that the more individuals that play, the more people in the channel. Family competition doesn't hurt anybody . . . in theory. Also, the more people, the more educated guess questions that can be used, which guarantees players points and still counted as correct. The game has a clock set for 60 minutes, but it stops when we're not playing, so plan for about three hours to play. Remember that whoever is there when the game starts will get 1,000 points. If the game starts after 6 PM Pacific, no bonus. I would rather you come late than not at all. I hope to see many of you there. If there are any problems about getting there, please post questions here. I'm hoping someone else with the same problem can benefit from my responses.
  23. . . . Remember that the game is played on IRC on DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. I hope to see some people there.
  24. . . . It's on DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. I hope two people will join, so I can use educated guess questions. Think of this as a great Family Home Evening activity. See you there.
  25. . . . in channel #lds_trivia on DALnet. Get an IRC client and connect to For those of you who use phones instead of PC's, there is IRC clients for Android and iPhone. Now, I don't have an iPhone, but I downloaded an app for Android. I saw apps that cost $4.99 and others that are free. I downloaded AndroIRC, which is free. I was able to connect to the game no problem; however, not everyone knows how to connect to IRC networks. For those that use an iPhone, I suggest to just search for "IRC" without the quotes in the App Store. Look at reviews and the cost and download one. Here's the instructions for AndroIRC: First, the app needs to be configured. I didn't change anything, because I'm just trying to help people connect. Press the three dots at the upper right corner. A menu will pop up. Choose Settings. Another menu shows up. Let's go through each one at a time. Start by choosing Nickname. Enter a nickname to be known as then press OK. (Caution: DALnet has the ability to register nicknames, so if a registered nickname is chosen, another one will need to be picked, but it won't be known until connecting to the server.) Next, choose Alternative. This is a different nickname that will be used if the first one is taken. Enter a different nickname and press OK. (If the nickname is registered, users have the ability to boot the person using the existing nickname and change to that nickname.) Ident is an optional one. It defaults to androirc. This name appears at the beginning of an address when connecting. Getting more specific will make it more confusing, so don't worry about it. Enter a third nickname then press OK. The last option is Real name. This one is optional, too. I'm not sure how users will be able to see it, but it's not easy to get. Enter real name and then press OK. Ignore Servers and Channels, because those options don't list DALnet's network. Choose IRC and look at its options and tweak with them if desired. The defaults look good. Settings are options to change for the chatting experience. It's suggested to look at the options and change anything desired; however, don't worry about this if it makes no sense. It won't change the ability to connect. Ignore Network, unless a proxy server is required, and that's beyond my scope of assistance. Also, ignore File transfer. IRC allows the transfer of files. Click on the arrow pointing to the left at the upper left corner. This will go to the title screen. Click the plus sign in the upper right corner. Choose Other... A dialog box pops up asking for the address. Enter (If it's difficult to connect to that server, will connect to a random DALnet server.) Press OK. The app will attempt to connect to DALnet. Once connected, read through the text that pops up. If the nickname is already in use, a dialog will pop up, asking for another nickname. Choose a different nickname and then press OK. This will only pop up if the nickname chosen is already connected to the network. Especially keep an eye for a message from NickServ that says the nickname is registered. Chances are, the nickname is not yours, so type "/nick <nickname>" without the quotes and replace <nickname> with a different nickname. Then press Send or the arrow to the right of the text box. Nickname should be changed. On the upper right corner of the screen, there's an arrow pointing down. Choose that and then choose Join a channel. Enter "#lds_trivia" without the quotes and choose Join. It will connect to the channel. If a message shows up that says when the next game will be and/or ops is taken away, you're in the right place. Depending on size of the phone, text can appear fast when playing the game. If necessary, feel free to scroll up in the channel window to read everything and then type responses when prompted. I hope this helps in regards to connecting to the game, and I hope to see you all there.