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Found 1 result

  1. Hope4all

    Media standards

    Hi! I am new here, hoping to connect with some other parents. We have four kids, and one on the way! I see media has been discussed on this forum, but from what I could tell looking over the posts briefly, specific ideas for how to implement family standards hasn't been the focus. So my question is, what have you done or seen done when it comes to choosing carefully the content of media with your family? I knew one family that didn't watch tv on Sundays and they had a three strike rule when it came to violence, immorality, profanity, etc. (I'm sure if it was extreme they turned it off sooner.) I tend to take literally the standards in For the Strength of Youth, (a pamphlet of standards for lds youth which really applies to all members of the church. )My husband and his dad like to invite our kids to movies that are pg-13, and only one of our kids is 13. Even then I don't think the ratings are conservative enough. I don't understand why my husband and my father-in-law don't agree with me. They are members of the church. I feel a loss of the Spirit if I watch these movies or shows with violence, immorality or foul language. It upsets me that hey want to expose our kids to this regularly. What do other LDS parents do? Any ideas? I didn't grow up in the church, so I only observed these standards being applied in a few homes. It might bother me more than some because I used to live in an abusive family. I don't understand how people can enjoy watching violence and immorality for entertainment. Thank you for taking the time to respond! Have a great day!