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Found 1 result

  1. So, it is that time of year again. Anyone else noticing how much skin is showing on little girl costumes these days? I googled "lady bug costume" 'cause my 3-YO wants to be a lady bug. I think we'll be making our own costume (fortunately it is an easy costume to make...probably do it just to save da monies). I was just shocked at some of the pictures that popped up. Some were cute, and some were IMO not meant for a young child to wear. Others were not cute AND not modest. Lady Bug Child Girl’s Costume Ladybug Dress with Wings & Headband Child Costume And, sorry, this one made me laugh; warm legs, cold thighs...Why not just make spotted pants? Kids Ladybug Costume- Girls Ladybug Halloween Costumes It's not like there aren't modest ones out there. I was able to find some, not perfect but something modest anyway. It's amazing; but maybe I'm just ultrasensitive as to how much is proper for a kid to wear. Living in chilly areas does that to a person you know. Speaking of which, what do they expect kids to do in chilly parts of America? Wearing spaghetti straps in 45 degree weather is NOT COOL! It's cold. Anyway. Was curious what everyone's planning for Halloween, making costumes, skipping it altogether, or buying a costume and making alterations. Or heck, have you found a warm and modest outfit for the kids and want to share...