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  1. Generally_Me

    Shepards for the Gay

    I hope you already knew this......(sic) means that he was aware he was misspelling "shepherd", that he was doing it because it had been previously done.
  2. Generally_Me

    little kid testimonies

    We recently had a testimony meeting in which an investigator got up and spoke about a recent death in his family, he was dressed in street clothes and holding his toddler daughter as he choked up. He said that being there with us that day gave him a lot to think about, that he was looking for something and really appreciated it that we let him and his family be there that day, and that we were willing to share what we had. He ended it with "Thank you all, for letting me speak today." We'd had 3 kids and a couple youth bear their testimonies that day. Tomorrow, that young man will be baptised a member. "Every member a missionary."
  3. Generally_Me

    Military, Missions, & Love

    Oh, and I married a non-RM. Our marriage is as good, or bad, as anyone else's. We have a goal to serve a mission together in our retirement years.
  4. Generally_Me

    Military, Missions, & Love

    There are many young men who don't serve missions for various reasons. Have you both prayed about it?
  5. Generally_Me

    Saying "OMG"

    I consider OMG to be harmless, Oh my G-d not harmless, any aspects of capital-L "lord" off limits as an exclamation. As for proxy swearwords...oh, law! We wouldn't have anything to say in surprise if we cut all those out of our language! An exclamation point makes a great comment in a comic strip but it's rather hard to have a bunch of symbols pop out of your mouth in real life. Personally, I frequently use such made up words as "spidunkendorf" or "shibugan". Something that fully covers all aspects of surprise, and is a surprise as it leaves my mouth.
  6. Generally_Me

    How do you get to the stake dances?

    We didn't ever have leaders that provided the rides; we'd either carpool together, or our parents would drive us, or both. Of course the farthest church dance I ever whent to was about 40 minutes away, and my mother took herself shopping before she picked us up.
  7. Generally_Me

    Anointing Oil for non-LDS

    I know that Pentecosts and the Orthodox use it in a similar way to the LDS, anointing the sick and so forth. Catholics use a couple different consecrated oils, from what I understand it can be blessed for some different uses, each oil drop can only be used for what it was specifically blessed for. Here, I wiki'd it up out of curiosity. Anointing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  8. Generally_Me

    Birth Control

    There are definitely people out there who choose to have dogs instead of children, but how do you know that they are LDS? Sure, some may be. But when you take out the number who choose not to have kids, or not have a tribe's worth, for medical, fiscal or spiritual reasons, that number has to be incredibly small compared to the rest of the world.
  9. Generally_Me

    Birth Control

    King Benjamin counseled parents not to suffer your children that they go hungry, or naked; neither … that they transgress the laws of God, and fight and quarrel one with another, and serve the devil" (Mosiah 4) If by not using birth control a couple has too many children too quickly, they could have children they can't provide for, or too many children for them to spend one-on-one time and teach to do right.
  10. Generally_Me

    Movies that feature Mormon characters.

    I was going to mention "Paint your Wagon" but I see it is on the cheat list.
  11. Generally_Me

    Confrontation at church

    What an unfortunate situation! We've been through something similar (crazy people, no animal hoarding) and, our answer was, we played the avoidance game for a while, and when she started telling people tales about me my husband gave me the great advise of "the people who really matter know what really happened" and "Feel sorry for her, this is really how she sees the world." I don't know if any of that helps you, but thought I'd share.
  12. Generally_Me

    "R" rated movies

    Some raunchy movies aren't R. And some Rs aren't raunchy. Personally we go on a case-by-case, using online tools to research the movie. I found Schindler's List to be a one-time, very good movie. Meanwhile, some prime time cartoon shows drive away the spirit very, very quickly...but they are rated for most audiences, and on TV during prime evening time.
  13. Generally_Me

    Desire to take out my endowment

    Eternal Promise, Sorry, I don't have much online time anymore and didn't see your question right off. Yes, you're right, we are not already endowed/sealed; we have been married nearly 6 years, and have a temple trip planned next month to do all this, and be sealed with our daughter as well. It will be awesome!! And, something I can look forward to, is accompanying my sister when she is able to go and make her own covenants.
  14. Generally_Me

    Sexual sins next to murder?

    When you commit a sexual sin, you can ask that person for their forgiveness (in causing them to sin, etc) in this life. When you murder, you can only ask that person for their forgiveness beyond the veil. I can only be grateful that sexual sins are something that I could be forgiven of.
  15. Generally_Me

    Non-Temple Wedding

    I think some bishops are a little more lenient than others. When the bishop married me and my husband, we didn't have the line of groomsmen, and I didn't follow bridesmaids up the aisle while on my father's arm. He also told us we could only use the traditional vows. However, when my husband's cousin got married, they did all that and exchanged a brief vow over the ring exchange. Personally I don't care for all the pomp in a "regular" ceremony, it felt overblown. I liked walking up the aisle at my husband-to-be's side, stopping in front of the bishop and having simple vows over a brief message from the bishop (our message was about leaving the parents to cleave to the spouse and becoming a half of a whole).