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Found 2 results

  1. Does anyone know if there's any easy way to transfer information between Ancestry and Familysearch? I have accounts on both sites, but I have the majority of my family history work over on Ancestry. I was hoping there could be an easy program that could merge the two sites together. If anyone could give any ideas it'd be a huge help, thanks :)
  2. In the adult session of our stake conference, the mission president came and told us of the recent creation of a family history center at Prairie View A&M University. He wanted to let the missionaries have access to the local college and university campuses. He had been praying and decided that since he was a fan of the football team, he would go to visit PVAMU. But he admitted that he had concerns because it was a primarily black university. (I'm guessing because of the history of blacks and the priesthood). He prayed about it and proceeded. He was able to find a professor on campus who was LDS. That got a foot in the door. He met with the provost who welcomed him and discussed a few things. He was then directed to another professor (he failed to mention what her function was) who had visited Salt Lake. She said she had a wonderful experience. She was interested in the family history library. Everyone treated her so kindly and were so helpful, she said it all felt so inspiring. She wondered if the church could set up something like a family history center on campus. The calls were made. The church experts said it would take special preparation. In the entire country, there had never been a family history center in or out of the church that was specially set up for those of African-American heritage. There are specific intricacies when including records that go back to the era of slavery. It took 10 months of preparation. It finally started up this last Monday. They had reserved a large room full of computers. In this entire week, it was standing room only. The professor who requested it asked how many were there simply to fulfill some community service. Three hands went up. Everyone there was eager to find their family heritage. One young woman told him (the mission president) that she had "been waiting SO long to find out who" she really was. *************************************** He realized that he'd been around it all his life. So he never realized how it must be for people who never had family history. Then he realized how it is for all people when they don't know what their spiritual heritage is. He told of Moses when he was caught up into an exceedingly high mountain. He had a great vision from the Lord. He was told he was a son of God after the similitude of His Only Begotten. Then just as he's recovering from the vision, there's Satan saying, "Moses, thou son of man, worship me." The first thing Satan does is try to get Moses to deny his own divine nature.