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Found 2 results

  1. I had been considering forming a group to meet together to teach and learn gifts of the Spirit. There is so much to learn about these, and it IS a commandment, one that few understand or follow. I've met many members who are actually afraid of their gifts, and prayed to be released from them. In discussing the possibility of forming a group, a concerned member of my ward informed my bishop and stake president. My bishop called me in and informed me that meetings of this kind were not condoned. He said the manual as well as several general authorities who spoke on the subject spoke against it. I cannot find any these references. A stake president from a neighboring stake prohibited the wards from playing any music in sacrament meeting that didn't come from the hymnbook. The local GA asked him to reconsider, which he did. I'm wondering if this prohibition is local, regional, or churchwide. Anyone know?
  2. I've always felt like an odd ball in my own family. For the longest time some in my family would have me think I have a good imagination (because I was a child while mentioning this too them) and others having me think I was off in the head for seeing and hearing what I could. As far back as I can remember, I have seen, heard, smelt, and been touched by spirit people. Some of them family members, others I have no idea who they were. I don't go hunting them, they find me. I'm wondering, if I am also an odd ball here as well? Have you ever seen spirit people? Do you know anyone who does see spirit people? Does the idea that there are flesh people who do actually see, hear, talk, smell and been physically touched by spirit people make sense to you or does it bother you? Just curious if I'm an odd ball here... :)