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Found 2 results

  1. The Blood Moon Triad of 2018-2019 The Three Blood Moons of 2018-2019 begin tonight with a Total Lunar Eclipse! These three total lunar eclipses in a row will happen on Hebrew holidays...tu B'Shevat, tu B'Av and then again on tu B'Shevat of 2019. The blood moon or total lunar eclipse will be around 6-6:30 MT tomorrow morning the 31st of January. This eclipse will also be a supermoon (the third of three in a row...meaning they all happen super close to the Earth) and a blue moon (it will be the second full moon in one month). Looking back at the last time there was a blue/blood moon in 1866 (which was Passover) there was an epidemic in New York, a plague in the Mid-west and a presidential assassination...of President Lincoln (within the year give or take...which is the way the Hebrew calendar works compared to our year as it doesn't start in January). Tu B'Shevat is the New Year's of trees (one of four New Year's according to Hebrew tradition). The State of the Union Address is also tonight which on the Hebrew calendar is the same day (their day starts at Sundown) as this eclipse. Moving forward in time to 17 March is Nissan 1 or New Year's of God's calendar. Solar eclipses happened on this date in 2015 and in 2016 (when starting the calendar as commanded in Leviticus. The command to start this calendar was the first commandment given to the house of Israel.) Two weeks later is the 31st of March which is Passover Saturday, Easter Sunday and LDS General Conference and a second blue moon this year! (In 1836 there was a weekend when Jesus appeared in the Kirtland Temple where it was both Passover on Saturday and Easter on Sunday.) Having two blue moons in a row is a very rare event. It happened because the full moon and closest Supermoon for the entire year actually happened on New Year's of 2018 (that's a rare event too) and then February is a short month, making March 1st another full moon with the 31st another blue moon! Some people believe that the Day of Atonement heralding the Jubilee year (anciently happened every 50 years where debt was forgiven, etc.) is actually in preparation for the Jubilee year to start on Nissan 1 (as God commanded the year to begin then in Leviticus). That would make this Nissan 1 or New Year's on God's calendar the end of the 5777th year which is believed by some to be 120 jubilees since Adam, 70 jubilees since Moses, 40 jubilees since Jesus Christ (and 4 since Joseph Smith) were on the Earth. There are certainly some interesting (and perhaps prophetic) signs in the heavens coming up!!
  2. Epoch Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus - August 27, 2016 August 27, 2016 I watch Jupiter (the king planet), Venus (protector of the Jews) and Regulus (the King star of the Leo constellation which constellation represents the house of Judah) as so many signs in the heavens happened during His first coming related to these three celestiabl bodies and similar signs are happening again now related to His second coming. So, this Saturday is the nearest of the five conjunctions of Jupiter and Venus (2014-2017), which will be seen in the western sky just after sunset. (A similar retrograde group of conjunctions with Jupiter and Regulus happened with his first coming, but this time Venus has been dancing around Regulus and Jupiter.) 360 days from today is the rare total solar eclipse across the whole USA on August 21, 2017. If you are lucky enough to be in the shadow (like in Idaho or Missouri/Illinois) of this eclipse the sky will actually darken when it happens. This will begin the 40 days which is the Jewish Season of Repentance in 2017. And starts a repeating sign in the heavens that began with the tornado in SLC in 1999 and will happen five times which I call the TAVs. (Currently we are in the 2016 Season of Repentance leading up to 9/11 or the Day of Atonement 2016...end of this Jubilee year) ] If you are familiar with all the fours associated with the Passover 2015 lunar eclipse or have seen my free presentation in various recent conferences you will know why this is fascinating to me :)... 400 days from today is the Day of Atonement 2017. 444 days from now is the next Jupiter and Venus conjunction on November 13, 2017. This will be a very close conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, only 4 arc minutes (0.066 degrees...makes one wonder if the next number is 6 too ) apart! Some call this very rare conjunction an appulse which occurs when the separation between two bodies is at an absolute minimum! (Over the next 100 years, Venus and Jupiter come to within 20 arc minutes or less only 26 times...the next conjunction so close won't be until November 22, 2065 when Venus will appear to cross over in front of Jupiter) Of course many signs in the heavens point to the fall feasts of 2017, particularly the Feast of Trumpets. So "watching" is going to be really interesting this next year, hope y'all join me in watching!