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Found 2 results

  1. This Sunday School the lesson was on Noah’s ark. Lesson we’ve literally had a million times. But, the teacher did ask a slightly different question: “What times has a the Lord asked you do something odd that you didn’t find out why until later?” For me, I thought of my last trip to San Francisco. It was business trip wherein I arrive much earlier than my colleagues and the hotel wouldn’t be ready for hours yet. I had nothing to do but wander around town. So I plotted myself a tentative route, and wandered around town for miles. Visited a bunch of churches, stores, ate lunch on the patio, etc. Finally it was super dark, and time to head back to the hotel. I was already to start walking, when I felt the Spirit say “you should take the bus”. I shook it off at first—no no, that’s just my inner natural man wanting to be lazy and not walk up all those awful hills-- I should toughen up and actually get some exercise. “No, you should take the bus”, the voice came again. “Fine!” I finally concluded after some more inner arguing, “I’ll be lazy and take the bus”. Well, in a city where there’s a bus stop every block, it took me 5 blocks to find the bus stop (cause I’m just that talented). And then the bus doesn’t accept cash so I physically can’t ride the bus! What the!?! Spirit tells me to take the bus, and then I can’t. Ok, that’s really weird, whatever. So I got back on the sidewalk and walked the 5 miles back, up and down those ridiculous hills. Got back to the hotel, finally was able to check in, and nothing particularly happened. It was completely uneventful besides some sore muscles. Several days later, while studying the history of San Francisco (and not paying attention to my work meeting), I realized why the Spirit told me what it did: because in looking for the bus stop, I took a different way back to the hotel than what I originally planned. I hadn’t wandered through that area of town you should NEVER go through a single lady after dark. I didn’t go there- I was safe, and nothing happened. The Lord works in mysterious ways J Some times we are indeed asked to do things which seem strange to us, but He is in charge. How about you? Have you ever had the Lord tell you to do something strange?
  2. Guest

    Feeling the Spirit

    I found myself telling my ex-Mormon friend that I feel that I can finally tell the difference between the witness of the Spirit and the warm feeling from watching a touching movie. Really? So what's it like? ... You just have to experience it. So it's possible I've never felt the Spirit? ... Could be. Have you never felt the Spirit before? Or why didn't you know before? ... I think it is a bit like my taste buds. You can taste the Spirit? (joking). What does it taste like? IN UNISON: Like Chicken... ... No. It's that when I was a kid bread was bread. It all tasted the same. I could have had really good bread or cardboard bread @ $0.25/loaf. I never really appreciated the good stuff. Now that I'm more mature, my taste buds have changed, I've tasted more things, and I've become more picky about what I decide to place on my tongue, I can certainly tell the difference between a cardboard loaf, Wonder, and the fresh baked French bread loaves at the checkout isle at the supermarket. Oh, yeah, baby! You know what I'm talking about. The taste, the texture, the smell that just makes you want to dive into a swimming pool full of bread... ok maybe that was taking it too far. No, actually. I don't know what you're talking about. What does it taste and smell like? (joking) ... You just have to experience it. (joking back).