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I am going to use the lesson about being thankful for the month of Nov. Using the pictures on the tails of a turkey. I am cleaning out my files. I have a drawer full of files and books I have collected for Nursery and Sunbeams. I am using the turkey that I did a few lol years ago. ok ok a lot of years ago. The large turkey that I did for the teaching visual had a lot of feathers. I made the turkey out of brown paper that is used to wrap packages for mailing. I used construction paper for the feathers. I drew small pictures and colored them. These I put on the feathers. I used a large poster board and glued the turkey on it. I them laminated everything. Some of the pictures I used were as follows. Music(notes), toys, sun, rainbows, rain, flowers, trees, brothers, sisters, mother, father,animals, birds, and ... etc. As you can see a lot of these things were used in the Primary 1 Manual. I think it will still work as a visual aid in the Nursery. I will give them small turkeys with the pictures from our manual on being thankful. (family, home, food, clothes) I will make the 5th feather and the high middle one say Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. This I will use as a color page. I will use Heavenly Father and then a picture of Jesus Christ.

The other visual I have is a Horn of Plenty with Fruit. The fruit have pictures of things we are thankful for. Much like the aid above. The coloring page will have the same horn with fruit using the pictures of the lesson in our manual and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I might add some fruit with the following: Prophet, Priesthood, and my Church. Using lesson topics that we have used lately in the new Nursery Manual.

One week I will stress being thankful for Family. (I will use info that I have collected on them )

One week I will stress being thankful for our Bishop and Counselors. (making small gifts for them and presenting it to them.

The week of Thanksgiving we will have a mini thanksgiving.

How are you using the new manual? I love it. It leaves room for us to go over a lesson several times to get a point across. I started with a very young Nursery. I needed this opportunity to build up several topics like "prayer" and "I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints". :rolleyes: It took a couple of Sundays for that one. The song helped.

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