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Moments During Blessings

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So today during Priesthood, our discussion turned into various moments we have had during blessings that have strengthen our testimony.

One story I told was that I am always nervous but after I put my hands on the head of whom I am giving a blessing to, I feel a strong surge of confidence.

Another story I told is that as soon as I say "amen" that I forget everything I said during the blessing. I have to ask people what I said, because I never remember what I said.

One that I heard, is a father confirming his daughter and during it, he stopped halfway through and the words stopped coming to him but somebody was telling him how proud he was of his ability to overcome his challenges in his life to do this for his daughter, and then suddenly the words came back to him.

So any of you have stories of moments during blessings that was just unreal?

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