Running Red Lights


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I don't agree with this either, because of situations where there are unjust laws from unjust men. People have to break the laws of man all the time to save their families and their souls, in places like North Korea or Iran.

There is also:

  • Polygamy in church history.
  • Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego in regards to being commanded by Nebechenazer to worship the golden idol.
  • Daniel in defiance of the decree signed by Darius.
  • Nephi slaying Laban (I know people like to debate this).
  • The rebellion of the United States from Brittan*.
  • Hiding Jews in WW2.

I think people forget that while we believe in honoring and sustaining the law and being subject to them it's not a 100% thing. I realize the quote that LM is responding too is a paraphrasing of D&C 58:21, but it has exceptions, both hypothetical and historical. I'm defining law as legislation or decree, I suppose if one wants to argue that an unjust law is no law then one can side-step the matter, though it just kinda shifts it to when is a law unjust instead of when might we be justified in disobeying legal authority.

*I suppose one could debate this, but the Church certainly doesn't seem to view the rebellion as contrary to following God.

Edit: Things like red-lights and speed limits aren't what I would consider as, or even a "Must Wear Purple Day", qualifying for exception. It'd need to be at variance with God's Law and moral behavior.

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Slightly off topic but....long ago I came to a red light, slowed down looking both ways making sure all was clear and then rolled through the red light making a right turn. I quickly see blue lights so I pull over. The officer asked me why I ran the red light and I replied "I slowed down officer". He then asked me a question, "hypothetically" he said, "If I were to take my night stick out and begin beating you across your skull as hard as I can back and forth and you asked me to stop....would you want me to STOP....or just slow down?". I quickly replied that I totally understood him and after thanking him for my ticket I began looking at running red lights in a totally different way. Some mistakes we make are easily taken care of by saying we are sorry or by paying a fine. When it comes to some mistakes we make while driving, we pay with our lives and the lives of the other people in our vehicle and possibly other vehicles involved in the accident. When you run a 2 ton object made of metal, glass etc into something going fast there is no such thing as "he/she was a nice person, let's give them a break and make everything ok", nope. There is no mercy. It's the law. The law of physics.

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