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  1. I'm not sure but I can ask my former mother-n-law. She's his sister.
  2. My wife has lower back problems and her Dr recently prescribed aqua therapy which is basically working with a physical therapist in a warm inside swimming pool doing a series of stretches etc and then a certain amount of time with the water jets aimed directly at her lower back while sitting on an underwater stool at the end of the session. She has found relief that nothing else has been able to help with including meds and normal pt. You may ask your Dr about it. It's non-intrusive and a good warm bath is calming for just about anyone. With my osteoarthritis I was thinking about asking my Dr for the same treatment. :)
  3. Pam, my oldest two sons were originaly named Michael and Matthew but by the ages of 2 or 3 I renamed them to Seek and Destroy. The oldest would find it, and his younger brother would break it. It did not matter what it was, it was smashed. We live in the deep south and have friends who name thier kids Porkchop or T-Bone but it doesn't really matter what a parent names a child legally because of the "Granny Law". When a child is born and is given to the Granny to hold what ever name she gives it is legally what the child WILL be called, at least until the age of 21 if not forever. That's what we do down here in deep south Georgia USA. :)
  4. I used to have one that was done by the same person, same pictures and art of many people carrying thier cross on thier shoulder, but this one guy kept complaining about his cross being too heavy to carry so he stopped 2 or 3 times and carved some away from the bottom so it would be lighter. Everyone else did not carve thier cross and struggled carrying it the entire journey. The journey led them to a place that had a very deep crevasse in the Earth. All of the other people laid thier crosses down across the crevasse and it was just the right length to cross over safely making thier way to continue the journey towards Heavenly Father. You can imagine how the man that carved his cross way down making it a good bit shorter felt at this point.
  5. Dr T, does MS cause you any pain? If so, what part of your body seems to hurt the most?
  6. Ah man! And I just found my Zombie Attack Survival Kit that was stuck way back in the closet. Oh well, I'll keep it out for the Oct 21 "revised" date.
  7. Yes, it's the Mr Potato head tattoo. A dead give away every time. It could also be how a persons clothing is worn. In a way that does not expose the persons garments. In other words, a lady wearing really short daisy dukes IMO would probably not be an active member, but, I have been wrong in the past.
  8. We are all a mess Dr T. You are not alone. There is hope even when you feel there is none. Cling to HF and just go day by day. He is strongest when we are weakest. :)
  9. Slightly off topic but....long ago I came to a red light, slowed down looking both ways making sure all was clear and then rolled through the red light making a right turn. I quickly see blue lights so I pull over. The officer asked me why I ran the red light and I replied "I slowed down officer". He then asked me a question, "hypothetically" he said, "If I were to take my night stick out and begin beating you across your skull as hard as I can back and forth and you asked me to stop....would you want me to STOP....or just slow down?". I quickly replied that I totally understood him and after thanking him for my ticket I began looking at running red lights in a totally different way. Some mistakes we make are easily taken care of by saying we are sorry or by paying a fine. When it comes to some mistakes we make while driving, we pay with our lives and the lives of the other people in our vehicle and possibly other vehicles involved in the accident. When you run a 2 ton object made of metal, glass etc into something going fast there is no such thing as "he/she was a nice person, let's give them a break and make everything ok", nope. There is no mercy. It's the law. The law of physics.
  10. What if....when it's your time to leave this world Heavenly Father decides He's busy that day and thinks it is better for Him to wait a month or 12 before he allows you to enter, or not. Yeah, it's cool to leave Him hanging so you can slip a few more months of sinning in. No problem at all!!! :) Go for it. Like Jamie said, just hope you don't get hit by a trash truck before you get the chance to repent. Wouldn't that be awful.
  11. Pizza and lots of love. :) And a ride when they need it most. I've picked them up when they called many times stuck on the other side of town apprx 15 miles from thier appartment with a broken bike in the sweltering south Ga heat or when a bad storm comes up quick. You can get the missionary cell # from them at church after offering to help. For a while there I thought I was the only one here that helped them. I think everyone should support these young kids who are a million miles from home doing the most awesome job there is.
  12. Mahone, have you ever heard of something called "change management"? It's something that actually is a wonderful and effective thing IF...and that's a BIG if...it is used. In other words, lock down your system/s so tight that no one can do a release between date X and date X. It's the only way, otherwise you'll be, not just at work but be called at home 24/7/365 just like my wife. She has finally come to the conclusion, with my assistance, that she will not have a day off until she either quits, gets fired, retires or dies. Bottom line, because although they DO have change management not a single person who has access (to things they shouldn't) gives a (you know what) and feels that thier ONE LITTLE STUPID TABLE MUST BE CHANGED RIGHT NOW OR LIFE AS WE KNOW IT WILL CEASE IMMEDIATELY, of course not knowing OR caring that this one table change effects 2,700 other users, OH did I mention her job is on a system at a hospital that the Dr's are totally dependent on for reading charts??? Don't you want your family member laid up in our hospital the night, (weekly) some nitwit does a "un-annaouced OR approved/tested" release into prod?
  13. MOE, that third field you do for a living...are they hiring??? I'm a little person, 3 ft 6 inches tall. I am a palm reader. I also rob banks. On my last bank job the local newspaper read.."SMALL, MEDIUM...AT LARGE!!!!" Hey! I know it's old and also stupid but MOE asked for it!!!
  14. We have a westie which is a terrier. Will he go to the "terriestrial Heaven"??
  15. Thank you everyone. Please continue especially with references as MrShorty has provided but please know that I also invite and very much would like to know personal beliefs of Jesus Christ. Thank you again in advance anyone who posts. :)
  16. Apol buddy, I agree with ProphetofDoom but I must add a line. get married, and have CHILDREN. You will find a new sense of compassion, patience, awareness and will gain the knowledge that will be equal to 12 different doctorates...or be killed in the process. Either way you'd have some relief bud. :) No, really I'll give what I give to so many for all kinds of troubles. Prayer. It works. More than many MANY people could ever imagine when it's done in earnest. The fact you came here means you are aware and care dearly about this issue, so don't stop here my friend.
  17. WAIT!! I TAKE THAT BACK! The scariest EVER is the homemade film of my first wedding. When the camera pans to an EXTREME closeup of the x mother-n-law. The "exorsist" ain't got nothing on this film. I still experience cold sweats at night from seeing it just once and that was 20+ years ago! YEEEEOOOWEEEEEE!!!!!! When I found the film in an old box in our barn a few years back I picked it up with my three foot grill tongs, transported it CAREFULLY to our 55 gallon metal burn barrel which was stoked up so high the flames were felt by my next door neighbor and over it went. When the vcr tape/film hit the bottom I swear I heard a loud scream like those caused by gnashing of teeth and then the strong smell of sulfer reeked for about 30 minutes before the fire died down and the beast was stilled. People of this forum...please..consider and put MUCH thought into it before you record/film real events that happen in our lives on this Earth. Reality is the scariest thing I know of and remember, the film you create could possibly warp minds for generations to come.
  18. The worst for me as a kid and still to this day is the "Wizard of Oz". The wha??? Yep! Several reasons: To start with: Satan in disguise - the supposed "good" witch of the north (like there really is such a thing as a GOOD witch so I should have known better) first KILLED her sister, and then LIED to us all but the utmost evil was...SHE knew ALL ALONG that all Dorothy had to do to avoid all the close death experiences, haunted forrest, poison flowers, fire, the tin man rusting, scary green head behind the curtain and worst of all.... the FLYING MONKEYS!!!!...was to click her stupid sparkly red shoes together three times but did she tell her??? NOOOOOOOO! Now what kind of TRUE EVIL entity would DO such a thing? Those flying monkeys still scare the mess out of me. I can't explain it. Maybe it's the beady eyes, or the motel bagboy box hats they wear..I'm not sure. I do not like them flying monkeys.
  19. Dear Alla, I am able to see this situation from both views. I am the Dad (who has had the same job for 27+ yrs now thanks to Heavenly Father) I have my 19yr old son living with us and it has caused some issues with my 2nd and last wife. We do not have kids together. My wife was raised totally different than myself or my son. She was overly protected and lived a very sheltered young life. This was how she was raised and it is deeply engrained in her so all she understands and is comfortable with is the rules and ways that she had to follow as a child and teenager. My first wife left with another man when my son was 2 years old and I raised him by myself and did the best I could. Now I find that no matter what I do, how hard I listen, love, compromise, sacrifice...that I am the bad man in between who cannot win. That I can do NO RIGHT. I've never raised my hand to any woman. My way of dealing with high stress situations like those is to leave the property and return later when it has cooled down. I too have had the past few years, and STILL have strong feelings of divorce even though I strongly am against it. I feel this way I believe because it just seems so hopeless and I feel that everyone would be better off if we split, but, I think about it another day after looking at the big picture and I think maybe it is not so bad and to just keep praying, working, loving my family, praying more and more until my knees bleed. HF has given me strength to hold on these past 3 or 4 yrs but I still have my weak days when it takes all I can do to stop from packing my clothes and leaving forever. I am sorry for this place you are at in your life right now. Try to remember those words...AND THIS TOO SHALL SOON PASS. Yes, that is not easy to keep saying but it is true. Cling close to our Heavenly Father at this time and let Him know your troubles through prayer. Being a parent or a step-parent in a marriage is a very VERY hard thing but it can work with the help of His Holy Spirit. You know, He still IS in the miracle business and in my case I feel it will take nothing short of a miracle to help us repair and keep our marriage going. You are loved by many here and if it is ok with you, you and your family will be in my prayers.
  20. AW MAN! Slamjet beat me to it, except for the aerosol can part. Ok let's see...I love Pam and then there's Pam....and OH! I almost forgot, PAM! There is one more though... I love my Heavenly Father who is and was the only one with the Heavenly ability to make the most beautiful creature on Earth...PAM. :)
  21. I pray for my marriage to get better and for us to survive as husband and wife....when deep down inside I feel that it is NOT His Will because we've both been praying really hard for 3-4 years and nothing has changed, only gotten worse. We've done all we can do and have turned it over to Heavenly Father long ago. Maybe I should change my prayers asking for strength to go ahead and take action to end the suffering and growing bitterness between us but I have this hang up about divorce. I feel He does not allow it but if we've done all we can do to make things better and Heaveny Father refuses to make things better what is a person to do? We want our lives, our happiness back and I know HF wishes us to be happy, but. ???? HF have mercy on us.