CCSVI as the cause of multiple sclerosis:the science behind the controversial theory by Marie Rhodes

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CCSVI as the cause of multiple sclerosis : the science behind the controversial theory by Marie A. Rhodes

Why I picked up this book: I was selected as one of the Early Reviewers on another site and am very pleased I was. I received this book one day and it didn’t say from whom. I logged back onto the site and saw that I received this as an early reviewer and once I saw that I jumped right into it. I have M.S. and it has been a very difficult thing recently.

Why I finished this book: I finished this book for multiple reasons. This book was written by a nurse, was very informative, was nonfiction (I really enjoy nonfiction) and provided hope for me while reading it. I read it on the way to a M.S. clinic at UCSF and understanding the cost of both treatment and development as well as the stakeholders involved in M.S. it was an interesting read. The author did a wonderful job laying out the educational piece, made it easily readable in general and even made it more simple for the general public and offered some resources at the end. This book was also very fair in presenting both sides of the issue, and really made me think it might be something worth looking further into. Although the treatment is not proven to be curative it sure would be worth seeing to what degree, if at all, this may play a role in M.S.

Rating: I’d give this book a 4.5 star rating out of 5. I really enjoyed this book, it brought hope, was professional and I’d like to find out more about this topic as I go along my life with this disease. The new neurologist that I met on my trip to San Fran was great and didn’t put too much stock in the theory of this book which was not surprising given where we are in the research or lack thereof so far. Overall I am thankful I had the opportunity to read this book. A HUGE thank you to that sight for selecting me. If you have or know somebody with M.S. I’d definitely recommend reading this book.

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