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Truth: A Guide by Simon Blackburn

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Truth: A Guide by Simon Blackburn

Why I picked this book up: I was in one of the Powell’s Books in Portland for a conference. First of all I LOVED Powell’s. It was SO fun being in a huge bookstore! I found on the shelves so I took home a jewel.

General Thoughts: This book was great. It reminded me of a philosophy class as it walked through the thought process and its development, giving both sides its due and talking about where the arguments failed and succeeded.

Why I finished this book: I finished this book because it was really fun to me. I thought he did a very good job because he makes it so easy to grasp. He really is on his game and I’d love to read another of his books. The book goes back and forth and lets you make your own decisions-it is like a philosophy class-fun.

Rating: I’d give it a 4.5 out of 5 star rating.

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