The Path

Pa Pa

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The Path

I embark upon a journey,

It's purpose well defined.

Is it in the physical

Or only in my mind?

The path now lies before me

A path which is my own,

Tho' others walk beside me

This path I walk alone.

For some the path is different

For all the path unique.

The proud it maketh humble,

The strong it maketh weak.

Millions go before me

And yet I am the first.

To walk upon "my" path

Driven only by my thirst.

In search of living water

Once found at Jacob's well.

That I may thirst no more,

My doubts and fears dispelled.

To fill the void inside me,

With that is greatest worth.

To find the hidden treasure

For which I came to earth.

Tho' blinded by the darkness,

The light I still can see.

Tho' deafened by the silence,

His voice still calls to me.

"Give unto me thy burdens,

For you this is the test

To put thy faith in me,

That I may give you rest!"

"The path now lies before thee,

True it is thine own.

Just follow in my footsteps

The path will lead you home!"

The Path

William E. Lee

Copyright 1997

Edited by Pa Pa
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