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  1. "Satan wants us to have self esteem" Not so! "Satan desires to make all men miserable like unto himself". He wants us to wallow in self pity and believe that all is lost and there is no reason to carry on. What happens in school is an effort to life us up in are right about that. Satan can use vanity and pride to bring us down...he would much rather destroy us early, to save him the trouble of dealing with us later.
  2. That is just drivers get robbed. They don't die while protecting others, in the course of their sworn duties.
  3. I am 58, and have of few assignations of police while sitting in cars, pumping gas and in their driveways. Now maybe having been a police officer, I disagree...but I think more, I disagree.
  4. I was addressing the Illinois officer. The DeKalb thing was just wrong address...not an executed officer. I retired from Atlanta and knew many Rambo's there...I was not showing any favoritism.
  5. True big cities have the most problems in some areas, but the majority of Walfare takers are White and only lag about 10% behind in baby mama drama and only about 20% behind in crime as a economic group.
  6. Of all the issues I had to deal with in the military and law enforcement, being assignated was usually not one of them. The badge I carry now is my retirement badge...which is in my City of Atlanta badge holder. The weapon I carry does not screen police, except the fact that I don't conceal it and carry it like it has been there all my life. I can only wonder how the wives of police officers feel today, as opposed to my day. Sadly the more police that get killed will have three terrifying results... 1. Good men and women will leave the force 2. Some Police Officers will become more aggressive...leading to more hate groups like "Black Lives Matter" 3. Some Policer Officers will be more gun shy out of fear that no matter the choice they make their lives will be over due social media. What is the answer?
  7. From a male perspective...I joined the Chuch while living in Germany in the 1970's, sealed in the Swiss Temple. Back then of course had to wear tops under T-shirt required color shirt. Then returning Stateside to Georgia, thought everyday I would die of a heatstroke daily. I got out in middle 1980's before military garments tops. As to bottoms...still live in Georgia and back when working thought I would did of heatstroke. Yesterday spent day on lake with some friends, it was an unusually cool morning so did not wear to wear a regular T-shirt, garments underneath. They (garments) have become so much a part of my life...even when I go to a lake and don't wear them, I can't get them back on quickly enough! :)
  8. I recently did some research on the Church of Christ (RLDS) and found that almost every "Prophet" since the split within the Church in 1844, with the death of the Prophet Joseph Smith, have published new canonized scripture. It seems to me the outsider that each Prophet have tried to publish scripture as evidence that they are "indeed" Prophets. This juxtaposed to our leadership, where nothing has been canonized since 1918 (other than in proclamation or Manifesto form). This type of restraint and absolute reverence suggests to me that those called and ordained do not feel the need to publish, but to proclam. These men do not see the need to add anything unless called upon to do so by the Lord. It is a quiet form of leadership, one in which these men are changed by the calling instead of trying to change the calling. Any thoughts, agree or disagree. Much of what I am talking about is based of reading about the lives of these men, from Joseph to Tomas...the simple humility of Joseph's predecessors who are there simply to serve without fan fair, for the most part.
  9. I spent a week there in Oct 1981...loved it!
  10. I think it is because Peter was walking on the water because Christ held him up...he did not lose faith in walking on water, so much as he lost faith in Christ's ability to sustain him. The point of the entire story is that focal point.
  11. If revelation came only in the Temple our faith would be lost. As so many live so fr from Temples, illness or injury can make a Temple 5 miles away become a Temple 5,000 miles away. Also in the Bible Dictionary says that only the home can compare with the sacredness of the Temple...I would think that much of revelation comes in the home.
  12. I have a friend ( we don't talk much anymore because of such things) who is unhinged when it comes to conspiracy theories. He is much like Mel Gibson in the movie "Conspiracy Theroy", without the actual element. From what I hear Mel Gibson is much the way he appears in the movie.
  13. I know the Church has given me the tools to navigate through difficult times. So yes, I can agree with your statement.
  14. Due to back problems, most months the only time I am out of the house is to be in Church. Have not been more than 5 times in three months. In that setting I never have the need to "debate my beliefs". It is a terrible cost, between doubting and depression, one can find yourself questioning almost anything. Then on Tuesday of this week two people come by for a visit from a nearby Baptist I decided to answer some of their questions when I told them I was Baptist but now Mormon. Hose questions led to 2 1/2 hour visit, during which I found myself not explaining my faith, but "defending my faith". It was fun and uplifting...for a change. Anyone with similar thoughts or stories?
  15. It is odd for me, I joined in 1979...he has always been an Apostle. Goes to show how long a man can serve and be a positive influence. I was already living in Germany when Prieshood changed. I remembered reading about it, thinking that is was odd, that Balcks could not hold the Priesthood...I did not even know what a Mormon was. Jest a few months later, I would be a member.