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In the “Looking for deeper meaning in scripture” post started by Sojourn in General Discussion Forum I was asked, “could you direct me to the 3 degrees of glory pattern in the Book of Mormon?”I didn’t reply directly, instead encouraging Sojourn to study it out in their mind and pray. I am posting the answer under the Scripture Studies Forum to show:


1) I’m being honest and not just making stuff up.



2) As an evidence of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, it wasn't just made up either.


3) To help others with their scripture study. This may not seem like much of a pattern to some and that’s OK, that’s their business. However, to any that find this of interest I hope this serves as a witness to you that if the spirit would reveal this to me through prayerful pondering and study of the scriptures he will do the same for you for God is no respecter of persons.  



In the Celestial Kingdom those who have proven worthy have the presence of the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost and angels. There is a temple in Heaven. There is a Book of Life (which I will liken here to the scriptures). Those who enter into heaven will have lived after the Manner of Happiness and been obedient to the gospel’s plan of salvation and the ordinances such as baptism of water and baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost. They will also be endowed.



Celestial or 1 Nephi & 2 Nephi


The Father                1 Ne 1:8, 2 Ne. 31:15

The Son                    1 Ne. 11:11, 2 Ne. 11:2-3

The Holy Spirit          1 Ne. 2:16-17

Angels                       1 Ne. 3:29

Temple                      2 Ne. 5:16

Scriptures                  1 Ne. 1:16-17, 1 Ne. 5:10

Lived after the Manner of Happiness 2 Ne. 5:27

Baptism of water        2 Ne. 31:5

Baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost    2 Ne. 31:14

Endowment                2 Ne. 32:4




Those of the Terrestrial Kingdom  will have the presence of the Son and the Holy Ghost but not the Father. To enter into the Temple you must have a Recommend which gives evidence you are living at least a terrestrial (as opposed to a Telestrial) life style, however many who are not members of the church (having neither baptism or gift of the Holy Ghost) will also be worthy of Terrestrial life.


Terrestrial or Jacob


Saw The Son           [2 Ne. 11:2-3]

The Holy Spirit         Jacob 7:8

Temple                     Jacob 1:17

Scriptures                 Jacob 1:1-4

Missionary Work       Jacob 7:24

Anti-Christ                 Jacob 7:1-20

Pride                         Jacob 1:16




Those of the Telestial Kingdom will only enjoy the presence of the Holy Ghost.


Telestial or Enos


The Holy Spirit            Enos v. 5

Scriptures                   Enos v. 16

Missionary Work         Enos v. 14

Pride                           Enos v. 22


This is (one of) the pattern(s) I have found in the Book of Mormon. I hope it helps any who may also be searching their scriptures. 


"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you" Matthew 7:7.

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This is cool. I like hearing about interesting things like this.


Thanks, I like finding them. Scriptures certainly answer questions concerning our daily needs but scripture study and prayer also provides us with proofs of the truthfulness of the scriptures. I have no doubts about the Book of Mormon being the word of God and not Joseph Smith's imagination.:)

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