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Psychologist and Chaplain Play Word Association

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I inadvertently played a game of word-association with a psychologist yesterday. It went like this:

Psychologist: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Chaplain: Bible teaching improves my thinking and behaving
Psychologist: Mindfulness-DBT
Chaplain: meditation (learning to think God's thoughts)
Psychologist: Helping clients get right with themselves
Chaplain: ... get right with God
Psychologist: Discovering purpose
Chaplain: ... God's will for me
Psychologist: Participating in communities of purpose
Chaplain: ... CHURCH!

My takeaway: We're created in God's image, so we'll find His reflections in diverse places. I must build bridges from those common grounds to the straight, narrow way of Jesus (John 14:6)

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Church is one of the best and easiest ways to establish community.  I think that is part of why Jesus Christ uses a church.

But it's also a vessel to bring the gospel to each and every member.

I liken it to law school.

In some states you can self study and become a lawyer.  But no one ever does today.  Why not?

No group to study with, no deadline to get your lesson done, no professor to guide the class, etc.

What better "support group" than the brethren at the church?



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