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“What I dare”

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I dare to stand apart,
My values held in heart
In mind and in strength
Not that of mortal man
But in the strength of my God
My light, my world, my all.
The center of my being
And all I possess in talents,
Blessings and experiences
The good with the bad
I learn to choose wisely.

In service to my God,
My family, my brothers
And sisters everywhere.
Children of a loving Father,
A royal family forever
Blazing our way back together
For all seekers of truth
He beckons the narrow path
That leads to everlasting love
Joy, and happiness eternal.

Embraced in peace
I obey the promptings 
Of the spirit, and act
With kindness and charity 
And hope 
For what life brings
To this end, was I born
Into the twilight of ignorance
Amid all the myriad paths offered
To find the one and only true way

Aeglyn Oct 201

Edited by aeglyn

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