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Hello Mormons and everybody

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I was doing a search online trying to find out who, from an LDS perspective is enthroned between the cherubim and the search landed me in this site. I didn't get the answer, but was happy to find a place if like minded people (as opposed to anti-Mormon sites). I need to be able to get away for fresh air. I hope this site will give me that opportunity.

I don't like to divulge personal information on forums but I will say that I am a Mormon. I believe itnis necessary to question everything and that God answers every question. Some of those answers are specifically for me (in that they don't always agree with the LDS norms. More on that later). I don't mind sharing what I've found but realize that I could be wrong. I do iuse what I've discovered when talking with non-Mormons to explain difficult doctrine or beliefs. Generally, I explain that we don't know how some things are done only that they are true and the give what I think would fit as a better example of how it could be and I try to support it with scripture or quotes from Joseph Smith.

Examples of these would be that we are sons and daughters of our heavenly father. This is two fold, spirit and flesh. One we know how it is done but nothing in the Bible or modern scriptures tell us that that is the way it was done. Even the temple endowment clarify how we are the literal, physical sins and daughters of God. We know almost nothing of the processes before the garden. I have an answer that works for me, but it appears to contradict all of the garden stories that we have. I believe we just don't understand what is meant by the use of the word "dust". The other is equally elusive. We say that or teach that a continuation of the seeds mean that we will be able to "have" spirit children  through the eternities. But how is that done? We don't know. We do know this, that however God did it, we will do it the same way. How did He do it? We don't know. We only know that He is the father of our spirits. We just don't know how. I have an answer for that too.

After the debaukle with race and the priesthood, I realized that we don't have the answers we sometimes think we do. When we say something, we tend to want to explain it and sometimes we make a mess if it and sometimes we say things out of script having no understanding of what we're saying. I don't have all the answers, but I hope that I will not be rejected without thought or constructive criticism. I will ignore any outright condemnation.

A word about the debaukle I mentioned above. I believe that the church has been on a course guided by God since it's restoration. The debaukle is not on the church but on good members who struggled to defend what they thought was the reason, even members in positions of authority. Brigham Young might not have been wrong as history does show that the black man's life has not been a blessed one. We don't really know the reason for that and we can't say for sure that Brigham Young was right or wrong except where the circumstances have changed. We have learned a lot from that debaukle but for some reason many of us still think we know the mind of God and feel we are in a position to judge eternities we have absolutely no knowledge of.

Now I sit in classes where the teacher and students all sit and agree with the same script without thinking about what they are agreeing too and I don't say a thing about it. It is not the time or place to address these issues. Did God's wifenor wives produce 50 billion spirit children and raise them personally over eons and those are only the ones on this planet, I'm not even going to guess how many on worlds without number? I don't think so. And I don't think any woman ever wants to do that. There are no spirit babies. Period. When we sing, I am a child of God, it does not matter what our age is, we are still children of God.

That is the end of my examples. I made some comments here already.  Realized that some of those would make a person wonder, "who is this person". I hope I have cleared that up a little bit.

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