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DNA testing

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3 hours ago, Mores said:

You were offended by that obvious joke?  I've spent some time trying to get myself to say I'm sorry.  But , no.  That was an obvious joke and you simply decided to be hurt by that.

Please tell me you were joking back, but not so obviously.

Tapes, camcorders, and you can't take a joke about using obsolete technology?

I guess that's the last time I try joking with you.

No it was not an obvious joke. You were rude. I am not joking back. I like using obsolete technology - because it is NOT obsolete if you can still purchase it and the tapes that go with it.

Next time you wish to joke, use an emoji or six.

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An acquaintance had her DNA analyzed. She subsequently received letters over a span of years from people who said they had the same father as she has but different mothers. She said she knew that her father wasn't exactly paragon of virtuous behavior (she already knew about some other half-brothers), but she didn't think about the extent until the third unknown "sibling" contacted her. I wonder how I would react to learn I have a sister in France or someplace? :)


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